“I Am Not Going to Die Yet”: Enrile Tests Positive for COVID-19

Juan Ponce Enrile announced on Facebook yesterday (June 27), that he tested positive for COVID-19. He addressed not only his online friends but also his critics and foes. “To all my FB friends, critics, and enemies: Please bear with me. I am in the hospital. To my critics and enemies: Do not clap with glee. I am not going to die yet. Far from it. God gave me very good doctors. He [wants] me, I humbly think, to stay here for some time more to engage you to help clear and clean up, if possible, your distorted narrative of our history for the benefit of the uninformed innocent people,” Enrile wrote.

juan ponce enrile

Born in 1924, Enrile is now 98 years old. Apparently, he has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been confined at the Makati Medical Center for quite a while now. “Since three (3) days ago, after I entered Makati Med, when I was diagnosed ‘positive” for COVID virus, I never had any discomfort. No chills. No fever. No headache. No malaise. My body temperature ranges from 36 [degree Celsius] to 36.8 [degree Celsius]. My body oxygen ranges from 96 to 99. All my physical vital signs and blood chemistry readings were normal. The only thing I had was dry intermittent, sometimes intense, coughing The CT-SCAN showed that I had mild COVID-19 pneumonia,” he shared.

Enrile is the incoming Presidential Legal Counsel for President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. However, he has asked permission to skip the inauguration on June 30. He stated, “I informed the Executive Secretary the Hon. Victor E. Rodriguez, about it and requested him to inform the President and ask him that I, be excused from attending the oath-taking ceremonies of the President and the Vice President on June 30th at noon because I will still be in the hospital by then to complete the Anti-viral regimen prescribed by my doctors.” During the term of Ferdinand Marcos Sr., Enrile was justice secretary and defense minister.

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