Hydro Manila 2016 Makes History as They Make It Rain

WE MAKE IT RAIN! Hydro Manila 2016 has made history by providing an unforgettable experience to everyone who attended the event at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Numerous fire hose stations were scattered around the venue to make sure everyone was having fun!

Hydromanila 2016

Bringing together people of all ages – yuppies, millennials, youngsters, and of course the parents of the teens – more than 50 artists performed to make sure everyone enjoyed while dancing to the music.

Hydromanila 2016

Patty Tiu of DEUCE

The event aimed to promote local artists and OPM, but the DJ lineup catered to everyone’s tastes and definitely did not disappoint. For those who loved raving and dancing, there were Joyce Pring, Kio Priest, Victor Pring, DEUCE, Dino Imperial, Ashley Rivera, Cathy Freyand, and so many more! For those unlucky in love, there were Ampalaya Monologues and Up Dharma Down with their ‘hugot’ pieces.



Speaking of Up Dharma Down, fans were saddened when it was announced that the whole band couldn’t play because their instruments and equipment were soiled by water; but the show still went on and everyone (including me – a huge UDD fan) appreciated when lead vocalist Armi Millare went onstage and sang 3 songs ACAPELLA! Now that’s raw talent!


Dino Imperial

Booze was lined up for thirsty people, too (P.S. Jager + RedBull hit the spot for me!); but for the thriftier ones, they could just look up, open their mouths and wait for the waterhose to make its way there! HAHA. Portalets were also scattered around the venue for easy access and smokers had a Winston booth for their cigarette needs.


Ashley Rivera and Cathy Frey

The night continued with EDM tracks that kept us jumping and craving for the waterhose! The area was filled with tons of people who were jumping up and down non-stop! Now that’s what you call wet and wild!

I went to Hydro Manila 2016 alone and surprisingly came back with some new friends! I just had to avoid the couples that were hugging. KIDDING! It was an unforgettable experience for everyone and the event definitely made history last night!  Let’s all wait for next year and hope for #HydroManila2017 We’ll definitely be there! What was your favorite moment during Hydro Manila 2016?