Huggaboo: Adorable Baby Essentials for Modern Filipina Moms

Are you a new mom looking for useful items for your babies that are adorable at the same time? Perhaps you are looking for baby gifts for a relative or a friend? Either way, you need to check out the items that Huggaboo has to offer.

Karen Abejuela is a recently turned stay at home mom of two based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was a working mom and career woman for 18 years before her husband was relocated to Malaysia for work, a move that gave her the opportunity to focus on her kids, which had been her long time dream.

Before resigning, Karen actually worked for a big infant milk company, where she worked closely on moms’ shopping habits. This gave her the idea to bring in baby items that are not found in the Philippines. Kuala Lumpur has a vast range of high quality baby essentials that she really wanted to share with modern Pinay moms. Huggaboo’s goal is to promote smart solutions to fun parenting and making moms’ lives efficient everyday.

Huggaboo started in March 2020, just a week before lockdown. “It was very unfortunate and I had to close shop immediately for two months,” Karen shares. When they reopened in May, she found herself bombarded with inquiries and orders. It turns out that a lot of moms were unable to get access to baby essentials during lockdown, and this helped boost Huggaboo’s reopening sales.

Huggaboo focuses on offering products that cannot be found in the Philippines. The items and brands that they carry aren’t just award-winning but also of top quality with a following in the US, Europe, and Singapore. Most of their products started out as small businesses created by moms, as well, and it is this advocacy of moms helping moms that Huggaboo wants to share with everyone.

Apart from good quality, Huggaboo also makes sure that their price points are competitive and truly offer value for money. These brands are sold in Mothercare Malaysia and other big baby shops, so you can be sure that the brands are some of the best in the market. These products have also undergone certification in safety and quality in their respective countries.

The brands are colorful, functional and fun, and help in the child’s development. Karen shares that she focused on teething, feeding, and comfort products as these are the most critical aspects in an infant and toddler’s developmental stages. “I’ve always been a proponent of seeking and using items for my kids are that are not common and mainstream,” she shares.

“I am very grateful to have had good reviews from moms who’ve purchased and repurchased at Huggaboo. The business has also given me the change to reach out to new moms, and give them advice on their babies based on personal experience.” Since moms are the creators of these brands, there is a lot of love and mindfulness present in these items. So, if you are ever on the lookout for helpful and adorable baby items, make sure to check out Huggaboo.




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