Huawei is Rumored to Have Been Working on New OS

Following the recent Android ban on Huawei, a lot of owners panicked upon hearing the news. Luckily, we found some news which may be of interest not only to current Huawei users but also to future buyers. The Chinese tech company is rumored to have been working on a new operating system which will replace Android. It is even said that they have been working on this project since 2012. The new operating system is said to be compatible with multiple platforms including their smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers, etc.

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What will it be called?

A few sources say that the folks over at Huawei have been developing it under the codename Hongmeng.

Although there are rumors stating that instead of Hongmeng, they may change the name to Ark OS instead when it launches.

What is it the new operating system like?

Reports have said that the new operating system will be able to run on all Android applications. Aside from that, reports also say that they have their own counterpart for the Play Store. Using their OS, people will be able to download applications from the Huawei AppGallery. One important question to ask now is “will it also feature all the other apps that can be downloaded via Play Store?”

When will it roll out?

While we’re all excited about the news that we have discovered, a launch date has yet to be announced. Although reports have been saying that Chinese users can expect it to roll out later this year while the rest of the world will have to wait until 2020.

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Although we still don’t have a lot of details yet, one thing is for certain–whether it’s called Hongmeng or Ark OS, we can’t wait for more information regarding Huawei’s new operating system.

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