How to Write a Business Email: Top 6 Tips To Close the Deal

When looking for potential clients or partners, we each have our own approach. Some prefer to immediately meet up, some prefer a phone call and others even snail mail. Nowadays, a more popular and convenient way of getting in touch with potential clients would be through email. But how exactly do we compose our email to make sure we get the proper message across?

As convenient as emails are, one of its disadvantages is the lack of tone. The receiver cannot exactly tell if you are happy or even mad. So here are a few tips on constructing a proper email as shared by Ms. Kaia Aguas of La Vie Institute.


 These 6 tips mainly focus on the parts of an email – parts we often take for granted but can prove to be very crucial. 

1. Subject

  • When coming up with the subject, be sure to keep it short and precise. Your subject is your email’s headline, so make sure it’s something the recipient would want to open. Sending something with the subject “URGENT” will most likely NOT grab any attention and be send straight to the spam folder.

2. Salutation

  • A salutation sounds quite simple but still very important. Don’t just immediately start with your text and make sure to adjust your greeting accordingly. I.e. Good day Sir/ Hi Ms. __, etc.

3. Opening Line

  • The opening line can contain a greeting, a reference or a simple introduction. For example, I am __ from ___ or Thank you for your letter dated ___.

4. Body/Content

  • Now this is where you finally say what you want to say. Brevity/clarity play a very important role here as it shows respect for the recipient’s time
  • Remember the “text message trick” and try to summarize all you need to say in a few words. There is no need to sound all “flowery” and “wise.” Just make it short and precise.
  • Use the inverted pyramid and start with the most important in your first paragraph and the least important below.
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation play a very important role here. Getting these wrong could risk your credibility so make sure you proofread before sending out that email.

La Vie 2

5. Closing Line

  • This might sound less important but it’s not. It is important to end your letter properly and respectfully.
  • You may end by thanking the recipient for their time, to offer some help for future events or the like.

6. Signature

  • Most emails already have an automated signature which you can input in your settings
  • The signature should contain your full name, job title, company, email address and mobile number.

These are just some of the many things I learned during my personality development workshop at La Vie Institute. Be sure to check it out and be the best version of yourself there is!

Was this helpful to you? Got other tips you think are important that we need to include? Do share!


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