How to Tell if a Guy is a F*ckboy: 13 Signs to Watch Out For

Why are you laughing? You saw the title and now you’re reminded of someone, aren’t you. You’re reading this because it’s one of these things: you like a fckboy (or have in the past), one of your friends is a fckboy, one of your friends is currently annoyingly crazy over a fckboy, OR you’re the fckboy 😉 Which one is it?

Either way, here’s what can’t be denied—fckboys are out there, y’all! You know, those guys who string girls along but never really commit. Those guys you just can’t seem to read. If he’s making you feel so uncertain about how he truly feels about you, as in he likes to play games, sorry to break it to you, but most likely is that you’re dealing with a classic fckboy. Can’t tell for sure? Here are the red flags you should look out for when you (or your friends) are dating a new guy. And when you see three or more of these traits in him, honey, RUN. Run away.

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13. This is how he texts you: ‘wru’

As if writing “where are you?” takes too much of his time, a fckboy usually looks for you using only three characters: “wru” — no spaces, no end puctuations, just three freaking letters. This is really the first sign he’s not gonna give much effort into whatever you two have, tbh.

12. He never makes plans with you ahead

He just texts you ‘wru’ any time of the day. And I mean, any time. Three pm, 9 pm 12 am…He only remembers to text you when you pop into his mind, usually as a last resort on a really slow day and he’s bored (sorry). But he’ll never make plans with you ahead. Coffee date next week? Don’t count on it. He’ll just text you when he’s free.

11. And if he does make plans with you, he never follows through

And on the rare occasion a fckboy makes plans with you, still don’t hold your breath! That plan will almost surely never happen. Like that weekend trip you two talked about last month? That was supposed to be this week. Did he ever follow up? Bet he didn’t, cos he never really planned on going—yes, even if he was the one who brought it up. It was just spur of the moment.

10. He always plays the victim

One word: paawa. He somehow always manages to flip every situation as if he’s the victim. It’s always someone else’s fault. His exes, his colleagues, yours. Never his. And idk how fckboys do this, but even when it’s his fault (which of course he won’t ever admit), you will be the one ending up apologizing. #fckboyskillz

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9. He will strike you as a really, really nice guy

…at first. When you first meet a fckboy, he will be CHARMING AS HELL. And you can’t escape it. He will be sweet, caring, attentive, and all in all will strike you as a really nice guy. But don’t expect this show to last long. The fckboy inside will eventually emerge. It always does. And you’ll never see it coming.

8. He rarely asks how you’re doing

You talk all the time, but have you noticed how he’s never really asked the simplest question we all need to hear sometimes: “How are you?” Did I make you think? He’s never asked you either, has he. Or maybe just once, as an opening to text to him asking a favor.

7. He likes to talk about himself

It’s aaaaaall about him. It’s him and this world. His work, his passions, his new cool acquaintances, his new gadgets, him, him, him. You try to squeeze in a little more about you into the conversation, you dropping hints about work, your friends, or your day, and he stops to listen for a few seconds, but never follows up with a question about you. He’ll comment a one-liner at most, but he’ll just continue on to what he was saying as if you interrupted him.

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6. He likes to talk about his ex

Girls, listen to me. A fckboy will talk about his ex. And the story about the ex will not make said ex look good, and will make him look like the victim in the relationship. See number 10.

5. He’s always dressed in basic but overpriced sports apparel

White tees, grey jogger pants, socks, and slides. In only either Nike or Adidas. I’m telling you. It’s the f*ckboy starter pack.

4. He’s not seeing anyone, but he’s texting a lot of girls

“How are you?” “Oh, still single.” He will always find a way to drop the fact he is single into the conversation. If you ask him if he’s seeing someone, he’ll strongly deny it, even if he obviously is. Cos he’s still texting with a ton of girls. You think it’s just you? Ha, you’re cute.

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3. He texts with other girls while you’re together

Guys think they can hide things from us. HA HA HA. We. know. everything.

2. He never has a straight answer for your questions

“We’ll see”, “pwede“, “baka“, “tignan ko“, “raincheck”, “bahala na“, “baka sunod na lang ako” — if he gives you a half-assed answer, GIRL. ‘Wag ka nang umasa. He not gonna show up for you.

1. He asks you favors

If you’ve known a fckboy, he’s absolutely asked for your favor at least once. You’ll even hear the whole speech—you’re the only person he really trusts and depends on, you’re so sweet, you’re the closest person to him. Yeah, right. It’s cos he knows you’ll do anything for him, you fool.

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I can empathize with you if you’re still sticking up to these guys to defend them—they can be charming as hell. And, I know, they’re not all that terrible. This doesn’t mean they’re bad people. But, you gotta look after yourself, girl! And, trust me on this, when you’ve gotten over their charms, it’s like dark clouds parting and you will suddenly see all the red flags you’ve been ignoring. By then you can only shake your head and mutter to yourself: “girl, ahahahah, nyare?”

Tbh, if you think you’re dating a guy who matched at least two or three of these traits we listed, girl, you’re probably not. Cos a classic fckboy will lead you on, breadcrumbing you, but never actually making his intentions clear with you. Here’s our advice: drop him and show him you know your worth.

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These are just some common fckboy traits we’ve encountered. Got any more to add? Ladies! Tell us in the comments! 😉

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