Here’s How You Pick a Suit That Suits You

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The need for a suit only comes every so often, but finding the perfect suit can be quite a daunting task. I really can’t blame men when they take a lot of time looking for the right tie to match their shirt. For starters, we’re already used to them taking too long to choose a pair of sneakers to wear on a casual day (okay, to be fair, girls spend a ton of time looking through their closet). The point is: it’s totally fine if you panic over picking the right suit for an occasion, especially when it’s a big one, like your own wedding. You can now brave the jitters and relax, though, as we give you a hack on which suit would be perfect for you.

Slim and lean men are the easiest to dress because clothes are usually patterned after that body type. Don’t rest too easy, though. There are still some pointers to keep in mind to avoid an unflattering fit.

This Is How You Pick A Suit That Suits You

Bulkier men may appear short in some suits, and we don’t want that, do we? That’s why choosing the right features in a suit is critical. Down to the fabric of choice, decision-making is crucial. If you opt to use your bespoke suit as casual office attire, make sure you pick a rougher or harder fabric to make it more resilient. In formal cases like weddings, you want a soft and silky feel that gives your suit the right bagsak illusion.

This Is How You Pick A Suit That Suits You

Last but not least: hello, short men! I think most male body types here in the Philippines fall under the short group. Let’s be honest: when it comes to us Filipinos, height is not one of the God-given gifts we have (although we’re great singers). We have to make the most out of what we do have, though, and that’s why appearing to be tall by following this guide can help you outmanoeuvre our height deficit.

This Is How You Pick A Suit That Suits You

So, there you have it! You can now self-proclaim that you’re a connoisseur of suits or, well, at least you’re in good shape…. as per the perfect suit. If you need to recap what you just learned and maybe even learn more about slick haircuts and the how-to’s of looking dapper, head on over to Spectre and take the higher road of presenting yourself as a true gentleman.



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