How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You: Dating Coach and US-Certified Matchmaker Teaches How

The biggest and only workshop focused on love and dating in the Philippines, Heart Healing Sessions, is happening this weekend in PICC! Coach Vanessa Antonio, the founder of dating company Singles Events Manila, will spill the secrets on how to make anyone fall in love with you. The workshop is happening this Saturday, May 21, 2022, in PICC, Pasay.

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Who is Vanessa Antonio?

Vanessa Antonio is Filipina Science-based Dating Coach and the first US-certified Matchmaker in the Philippines. Vanessa will be one of the five speakers presenting in Heart Healing Sessions. Vanessa takes her dating tips from scientific research and research findings on love and relationships to make her audience smarter in dating.

Coach Vanessa Antonio Singles Events Manila How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With YouCoach Vanessa Antonio

Why study the science of dating?

Experiences are great when it comes to matters of the heart, but what if you can learn dating advice that is not only based on personal experiences but from the findings of people who studied love and dating scientifically?

One can learn how to apply psychological concepts like the Benjamin Franklin effect, Misattribution of arousal, and many more to one’s dating life by listening to Vanessa Antonio, a science-based dating coach who has helped singles find love in the Philippines, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

With her background in social sciences, Vanessa simplifies complex scientific concepts (by social scientists) into fun, bite-sized, and actionable dating tips to give singles a higher chance of attracting a partner, securing a second date, getting more matches, or becoming more confident in their social interactions.

She believes that learning about the science of dating could give singles a huge advantage in the dating scene.

Vanessa, who likes to make learning fun to increase memory retention, coaches singles on topics like the Science of Flirting, How to Ace Online Dating, How to be More Attractive to the Opposite Gender, How to Find ‘The One’, Best Dating “Mindsets” and many more.

A social researcher by profession who runs her own research group in the United States, Vanessa is also a US-Certified Matchmaker by the Matchmaking Making Institute, a relationship sciences school in New York City, USA.

She studied psychology, diplomacy, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Sociology from De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines in 2018.

She is also the founder of Singles Events Manila, a dating and social company that organizes some of the biggest gatherings for singles in the Philippines—both offline and online. The organization, founded in 2014, has helped thousands of singles go out of their comfort zones, expand their network and become smarter in choosing their romantic partners through coaching, matchmaking services, social clubs, podcasts, and events for single professionals.

Vanessa, whose life’s mission is to make finding love easier for people, is also ABS-CBN’s digital channel’s Love Coach and Dating show host.

As a result of Vanessa’s work with Singles Events Manila, many Filipino singles have been married. She has also increased people’s chances of finding love through her coaching and workshops.

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