How to Get That ‘Bato’ and Be ‘Darna’ With This Card Game

Article by Gabriella Mercado and Desa Desiree Tayting / Photos by Eunick Nobe

Most Pinoys know who Darna and Ding are, plus the ‘mahiwagang bato’ (enchanted stone) that lets ‘Narda’ become a superhero when she swallows it. To the people who don’t know, Darna is a female Pinoy superhero seen onscreen in 1951 and in a comic book series created by Mars Ravelo. If you think of Darna as Wonder Woman’s Pinoy counterpart; yes, you’re right.

If you’re a fan, we bring good news: Darna now has a card game! (Get the chance to shout ‘DARNA’ when you play this game with your family and friends.)

Produced by ABS-CBN Corporation and Balangay Entertainment, Inc., Mars Ravelo’s “DARNA at Ang Nawawalang Bato” is a card game for ages 14 and above that lets you be ‘Darna’ when you win the game. The goal is to simply find the ‘Puting Bato’ and be the one to shout ‘Darna!’ Here is a guide on how to play and win:

How To Get Ready To Play

Get the Stone Cards Ready

One of the five stone cards is the ‘Puting Bato’ of Darna.

  1. Shuffle and turn down the cards so the players won’t know where the ‘Puting Bato’ is.
  2. Give each player one stone card. Players are not allowed to look at the stone cards.
  3. Place the extra stone card (if any) in the center. The extra stone card is still part of the game.

Get the Player Cards Ready

  1. Shuffle the players cards and give one to each of the players. The players are allowed to look at the player cards.
  2. Place the rest of the player cards face down in the middle.

Choose one player to start. You can now play the game!

How to Play

When it is your turn, choose from A or and do this:

A. Choose a player card to use and move the stone cards.

  1. Draw one player card from the deck so you have two player cards.
  2. Choose one player card you want to use.
  3. Read the instructions on the player card out loud and follow them according to its order.
  4. Hold on to the player card you did not use for use in the next round.

B. Try to Win by shouting “DARNA!”

If it is your turn and you have a gut feeling that you have the ‘Puting Bato’ card, do not get a player card. 

Shout “DARNA!” and show everyone your stone card.

  • If the ‘Puting Bato’ card is with you, you have won and the game has ended.
  • If you do not have the ‘Puting Bato’ card, turn your card face down and end your turn. You are still part of the game.

When There are No Cards Left in the Deck

When there are no cards left in the deck, the player who last drew a player card will finish his/her turn. Then, do the following:

  1. Show each other the player cards in each of the players’ hands.
  2. The players will have to guess who has the ‘Puting Bato’ card one by one. The player who has the smallest number on the top left of the player card goes first.
  3. Show everyone the stone card.
  • If it is the ‘Puting Bato’ card, the game has ended and the one who won is the player who guessed right.
  • If it is not the ‘Puting Bato’ card, the player who guessed wrong is removed from the game and the next player with the second smallest number is the next to guess.
  • If none of the players guessed right, no one wins. Try to play the Darna game better next time!

The card game can be played by 2-4 players. Each box comes with 16 player cards, 5 ‘Bato cards’, and an instruction manual. The instructions in the included manual are only in Filipino, but the English manual is available on their website. You may also watch their tutorial video here:

Be careful, though, as you also might ruin your friendships! (LOL) Get your own set of cards and start playing to be Darna!

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