How to Deal with Lines at the NBI: National Bureau of Investigation Philippines Tips and Survival Guide


When In Manila, you’ll probably get to a point where you’ll need to head over to the National Bureau of Investigation Philippines or NBI. So here’s a cute little story and funny article from our cute and funny contributor, Cherry Arceo, on how she dealt with the crazy long line at the NBI Manila. =) 




I hate falling in line.


The maximum time I can wait for something that I’m not interested in (but unfortunately need) is 30 minutes, beyond that, it’s unbearable for me to wait in any line!


Moving on to my second point: Did you know that getting your NBI Clearance can actually take a while because of the long lines at the NBI branches? I didn’t know that until yesterday… and did I mention that I hate falling in line? 


I went to that said Manila NBI branch with my dad as I needed something as a requirement for my new job. My dad tagged along as he needed a new driver’s license. We left home at 5:30 AM and got to the NBI Manila branch at around 7 AM. Imagine my surprise when I saw the super long line of people all over the place. It was heartbreaking! Seriously! I didn’t think I’d survive that even w/ a book and new songs I’ve just downloaded the night before. So I said to myself, I need to think of a plan.


Then out of nowhere, a light bulb flashed. My dad is 59 years old. Technically, he’s not yet a senior citizen. But desperate situations call for desperate measures. I then composed myself and asked one of the facilitators very nicely if we could take advantage of the senior citizen’s lane. He took a good look at my dad and asked if he has his Senior Citizen ID, adding that dad still looks young. I then admitted that he’s not yet 60 but is turning 60 next month. He thought for a minute while I looked at him w/ a hopeful-puppy-dog-like-face, whatever that looked like. Haha.


Lo and behold, the NBI watcher guy let us in and instructed us on what the next steps were for our applications. It took us less than 30 minutes to get our clearances. Something that we would have waited for the entire day (maybe even 2) if I didn’t think of  that brilliant plan!


So two things I learned today :


ONE – it never hurts to try, or to ask questions ;


TWO – bring a senior citizen with you always. Hahaha! Just kidding on that last one. 



Anyway, more on story time now. There was another couple there who also applied for their clearance. The husband, also on a wheelchair, was seated somewhere near to us. He is 99 years old, his son told me proudly. His wife on the other hand is 89 years old, and she was adorable. She kept on talking to me and all I could do was smile cause I couldn’t understand anything she was saying. Also, I can’t help but notice how their kids take care of them. They looked genuinely happy. Anyway, I just thought of writing this down so I won’t forget and also sharing that with you to hopefully brighten your day, just like it brightened mine, thinking of the happy family within all the other craziness around us. =)



National Bureau of Investigation  NBI Manila Philippines


NBI MAIN OFFICE ADDRESS:  NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000  

NBI TELEPHONE NUMBERS:  Trunkline: 523-8231 to 38  Fax: 526-1216, 523-7414  


NBI Clearance Center: NBI Clearance Building United Nations Avenue, Ermita Manila, Philippines 1000  

NBI Website




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How to Deal with Lines at the NBI: National Bureau of Investigation Philippines Tips and Survival Guide


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