How to Create Your Own Perfume: Let The Scent Studio Help

Ever wanted to learn how to create your own perfume? I have always loved perfume but I never really considered creating my own scent before. Thinking about it, though, certain scents tend to remind me of certain people, so the thought of having my very own signature scent started to appeal to me.

How to Create Your Own Perfume at The Scent Studio 2

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Little did I know that you can actually learn how to create your own perfume at a place called The Scent Studio.

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

What is The Scent Studio?

The Scent Studio by BC Fragrance is the Philippines’ first and only fragrance studio. Established in May 2019, The Scent Studio opened its doors to fragrance enthusiasts, budding perfume and home scent entrepreneurs, hobbyists, as well as those looking for a new hobby to try their hand at creating the perfect scent that tickles their fancy.

The best part? The process of how to create your own perfume is actually easy. Plus, it’s oh-so-fun! In fact, it’s a great date idea or bonding activity with your loved ones. I went with the When in Manila team recently and we had an absolute blast bonding over scents and judging each other’s creations in the process. :p

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Photo from Angeline Rodriguez

How to Create Your Own Perfume at Scent Studio

Now, I won’t get into the super specific details because that’s part of the whole Scent Studio experience of learning how to create your own perfume; but in a nutshell, The Scent Studio team will introduce you to the basics when you get there.

They’ll explain the different bases and options that you have for your perfume, ask about your favorite scents, check if you already have an idea of what you want to create, explain how the process will go, and then help you every step of the way.

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You’ll also be tasked to take note of the scents that you add into your perfume so that, in case you end up loving it, you’ll have a copy at The Scent Studio that you can come back to when you run out.

Why You Should Learn How to Create Your Own Perfume

A brainchild of Bernadette Lim, the Philippines’ first professional Filipina perfumer, this one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience won’t just teach you how to create your own perfume but also allows you to learn, play, and experience the art of crafting a scent that is not only unique to you but also allows you to explore and experience a variety of scents that can be a stepping stone into a new hobby, business, or leisure time activity.

They don’t just offer perfume, either. They also have room and linen sprays!

To be perfectly honest, I left The Scent Studio feeling like I had found my calling. Immersing myself in the scent-creating process made me realize that I definitely have the nose for the job. Plus, I enjoyed it immensely… as did the rest of the When in Manila team!

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

I’d highly recommend bringing your loved ones here or booking private sessions for team-building events, birthdays, or even bridal showers. You can even go alone and create a unique gift for someone special in your life. They’re sure to appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness behind it.

The Scent Studio by BC Fragrance

G/F, Tower 2, SM North Towers, SM North EDSA

10AM to 10PM



Instagram: @bcscentstudio

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