How This Hygiene Ally Makes Hand Washing Fun and Easy

There has never been a better time in life to get out, be creative and make ordinary tasks and routines even more exciting, especially as restrictions have been easing up. While we’re finally able to catch up with peers and family members to make new memories, we’re also conscious about following safety protocols and practicing good hygiene, with frequent hand washing and sanitizing.

Lifebuoy, one of the world’s oldest and biggest soap brands, continues to make the simple act of handwashing as exciting and fun as ever, helping everyone remember to keep their hygiene up! 

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For over a century, Lifebuoy has been promoting the proper practice and standard of good hygiene, being the first line of defense against harmful germs. Available in soap bars, liquid hand wash, and body wash, Lifebuoy continues to evolve to make hand hygiene easy and accessible for all.

Learn the proper handwashing steps and #DoTheLifebuoy now!

Lifebuoy returns as your hygiene ally with another #DoTheLifebuoy social media dance challenge! Created to encourage and remind young people to practice good hygiene by making it creative and entertaining, the #DoTheLifebuoy dance challenge makes proper hand washing routines more fun through the different handwashing steps!

Partnering with none other than Kathryn Bernardo, Lifebuoy is here to help you stay protected against germs with the #DoTheLifebuoy dance challenge:

Step 1: Friendship – Rub your palms together

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Step 2: Fighting – Between the fingers

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Step 3: Crocodile – Wash your knuckles

Crocodile final 0001 e1654693222617

Step 4: Butterfly – Around your thumbs

Butterlfy final 0001 e1654693348455

Step 5: Turn The Key – Tips of your fingers

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What are you waiting for? Join now and be one of Lifebuoy’s ambassadors! to know more about the steps, just search #DotheLifebuoy on TikTok. Dancing while keeping yourself protected can be fun too!

As we move forward and adjust to our new way of living, Lifebuoy encourages you to continue washing your hands regularly and maintain proper hygiene. Clean hands for a better future so we can pass it on to the next generations! 

Lifebuoy products are available on Shopee Mall. For more information, visit Lifebuoy’s official Facebook page

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