Here’s How Kim Tae-ri Prepared for Her Fencing Role in “Twenty Five Twenty One”

Kim Tae-ri is back in the K-drama world and we are loving Twenty Five Twenty One so far! If you’ve been watching the show, you’re probably just as impressed as I am by the fencing skills of both Kim Tae-ri as Na Hee-do and Bona as Ko Yu-rim. We were able to interview them recently about their roles and it turns out they put in a lot of work into their fencing skills!

Tae-ri shares that she and Bona even had some competitions outside of the show and admits that she lost many times behind the scenes. “I ended up really feeling like Hee-do,” she says. Apparently, Tae-ri even kept a diary about her fencing practice, which is the diary that is seen as a prop in the actual show! They even have upcoming appointments for another round despite the show having finished production.

Twenty Five Twenty One Hui do

Photo from Netflix

Bona also chimed in to share that Tae-ri was practicing every single morning and putting in a lot of effort, which is what pushed Bona to do the same. Apparently, Tae-ri was so passionate about it that she showed it up at Bona’s place with sandbags attached to her ankles to increase her stamina. “She ran all the way, which was far away from her place,” Bona shares, “and she showed up soaked in sweat. That was a big revelation for me!”

We love how dedicated these co-stars were to bringing their characters to life. In case you haven’t started watching Twenty Five Twenty One yet, you can still catch up! There are four episodes out so far with new episodes out every Saturday and Sunday.

Start watching Twenty Five Twenty One on Netflix here.

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