Here’s How Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia Talk About Relationships Now

Julia Barretto was recently interviewed on Boy Abunda’s “Who Are You When No One’s Watching” YouTube series where she talked about her current relationship with Joshua Garcia after all of the drama that surrounded them a few years back.

Screenshot from Paubaya Music Video

In the interview, Tito Boy jokingly asked whether Joshua ever asks her why she chose Gerald Anderson over him, to which Julia says they don’t really talk about the past. However, she does add that she always asks Joshua about his lovelife. “I always ask, ‘May girlfriend ka na ba? Huwag ka munang maggigirlfriend.’ When Joshua asks her why she doesn’t want him to have a girlfriend yet, she says she responds, “Basta huwag ka munang maggigirlfriend. Enjoy this. Enjoy what you have now.” Julia explains that this is “because he’s young and he’s in his prime and he’s a brilliant actor. It’s not the time to be limited right now”, adding “I want him to really enjoy his time.”

As for her own lovelife, after saying that the thought of marriage excites her and makes her curious, Julia says she would definitely say yes if Gerald proposed to her. She also shared that she will be doing a movie with Josh under Black Sheep this year.

Watch the full interview here:

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