How I Came to Terms with My Newfound K-Pop “Obsession”


It didn’t happen in a snap, like one morning I woke up realizing that I like K-Pop. Nope. It was a super long process. Took me almost a year (add the years that I was completely ignorant of its existence) to admit to my friends, and even to myself, that I’m starting to like what used to be an alien world of weird-looking humans.

You’ll probably hate me for even thinking that way, so please forgive me. I just once couldn’t understand why a guy should wear an eyeliner or color his hair red. I understand it now, so, again, forgive me if my earlier statement offended you.

So how did I come to terms with this world of eyeliners and colorful hairs with an alien language? I would have to thank 2NE1 for that (they have already disbanded when I discovered them, so bummer). It started with just previews, then came the occasional music recordings and random plays of reaction videos, and then suddenly I found myself going deeper and deeper until I’ve already watched numerous videos of their previous performances, way back when they were just starting, covers, and interviews.

I took a peek at a deep hole, but my whole body and soul fell, and when it was time to go back, I just couldn’t find a way to pull myself up. I’ve tried, swear, but to no avail. I feel like I’m going to be in this deep hole forever, or at least for now, who knows?

These past months, I’ve seen a lot of changes in my preference, be it in food, clothes, music, TV shows and movies. I won’t suddenly start speaking in Korean, but there may be a few instances that my friends, who are also into this stuff, and I would blurt out some random Korean words for fun, most of them we just picked up from watching a lot of K-Dramas. The language is still alien to me, but I’ve now started to appreciate it.

When it comes to K-Dramas, I’m already way gone, like if you visit me in the hole, I already have my own little corner with a small fridge for my drinks and a microwave oven for reheating my pizza. You’ll never pull me out of it even if you try.

But, when it comes to K-Pop, I’m still not at the stage where I’ll buy albums of idols, like order them online or make someone buy them for me, but I think I’m getting there. Seriously, I’m almost there. I’m also not (yet) at the stage where I collect photo cards, posters, and whatnots, but I’m also getting there. If someone can help me battle this out, please do give me a hand, because there’s still a chance to save me – I guess.

I do spend a lot of my time watching K-Pop videos. Gee, I even downloaded the Naver V LIVE app already, because YouTube is just not enough. Sometimes, I find myself reading articles, too. Most of the time I’d get surprised because I actually know some (if not all) of them. Genuinely scary at first, but I’ve already come to terms with it – sort of.

I think we all have different taste in music and sometimes it changes. What you thought you liked before, you hate now. And what you thought you couldn’t bear listening to before is now something that you are totally obsessed.

Right now, I’m just enjoying this newfound “obsession” that I have. Whatever happens in the future, do know that I’m still the same person with just more knowledge of another country’s music. 🙂

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