How Alma Moreno Should Have Answered Question on ANC Interview

Sometimes, we mean well but due to nerves or other issues, we refrain from speaking clearly of what our intentions are. Netizen Jeff, who is also a legislative officer at the House of Representative, shared his insights on the “Alma Moreno Interview” on ANC with Karen Davila. He says that he aims to “articulate it in a better way” with the issues pertaining to RH and women’s rights, Anti-Political Dynasty Law, BBL, and Binay.

Watch the full interview  of Alma Moreno on ANC here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.20.06 PMIn plain text:


[These are based on her positions, which I only seek to articulate in a better way. I do not agree with most of them. I am pro-same sex unions (but pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill first), pro-RH and women’s rights, pro-Anti-Political Dynasty Law, pro-BBL, and anti-Binay. Haha!]

► Same sex marriage
I don’t believe we’re ready for it. I’m not in favor based on what I personally believe in, but this does not mean I do not support the protection of LGBTs from bigotry, hatred, and discrimination.

► Magna Carta of Women
Yes, it may have been already passed into law, but the Senate, in exercising its power to review the implementation of legislation, can hold an inquiry on how the Magna Carta of Women has been carried out at this point. I will surely file a Senate Resolution calling for this.

► Reproductive Health Law
I am supportive of the right of married couples to plan their families. However, we must see if different kinds of contraceptives are truly safe before government provides funding for any of them.

► Anti-Political Dynasty Law
It is called for by the Constitution. However, the parameters are still unclear, and Congress has failed to come up with a version that is acceptable to all those concerned. At this point, I am against it, especially because I have seen how families can share the value of good governance and translate it to concrete services for the people. We must educate the electorate more—teach them how to discern which family can serve with competence and integrity and which dynasty espouses corruption and patronage.

► Income Tax Reform
Those belonging to the lower and middle classes must not be burdened by high taxes. We need to study the proposal more in order to arrive at a consensus on how we will go about it without negatively affecting government services funded by taxpayers’ money.

► Vice President Jejomar Binay
Innocent until proven guilty—that is my firm belief. At this juncture, no verdict has been issued. If he is found guilty, I will be the first to condemn him, but that is not the case right now, so I will continue to support him and have faith in the justice system of the country.

► Bangsamoro Basic Law
I have to be honest—I am still undecided because there are many versions out there. Some people want this, some people want that. However, at the end of the day, it’s all about progress in Mindanao, so we better come up with a version that will truly provide us with genuine, meaningful, and lasting peace.

What do you think of this? Do you think that if Alma had a way to say her opinions better, it would be a different outcome?


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