House of Cards’ Frank and Claire Underwood: Couple of the Year

The second season of House of Cards ended with a win. Frank Underwood has claimed the helm of the United States of America.

Needless to say, he is, at the moment, the most powerful man in the world of fictional television.

HOUSE OF CARDS S2 - Cinemagraph Gallery Still

Heathen Agenda: The Underwood Administration is yet to be tested. Will America Works work?


But what will Frank do next? Or more specifically, what will he do first? Remember, he will only have the remaining time that the current administration has left until the next presidential election. Of course, in our heads, he will run for 2016, given the ambition and drive we know to be true of the Frank Underwood. Majority whip to VP, and now the President, he will want to stay on for much longer to make a difference, and this rings true to all politicians: there should be enough time to draft papers and set them into stone. The in-betweens are dirty and take time, and we can see it on Remy Danton, Jackie Sharp, and Claire Underwood, among others.

Claire Underwood

A Moment of Clarity: Claire Underwood continues to impress with how she fights, but will they have the luck they need for House of Cards Season 3?


Let’s examine Claire Underwood. The woman is wrapped in sheet metal, in her mind a willpower that is strong enough to turn the seas. The pressure is building, but will she break under the pressure? More than ever, she is needed by the President as a support –they are really a team, the best I have seen in all of the shows I have loved. The question is, where will she go next? After Clean Water Initiative, she has been left wanting, surely. We know that of her, lest we do her a disservice and believe that she’ll take a backseat position as Frank’s sounding board for ideas.



The Politics of Us: Amidst various shakeups and missteps, the First Couple endures. But for how long?


I have gathered myself so many times to rally behind Frank, and it was Claire who made me see how I should be able to go with his ideas that are truly unorthodox. In a way, she is like the bejeweled flint stones at the throat of the dragon: she makes the flames happen. This way, they are my favorite couple.


Let’s get back to the questions:

How will Frank Underwood manage to preside over the American people and the world, while at the same time preparing to run in the coming year?

Will the partnership of Claire and Frank withstand the presidency?

Would you want Lucas to find out about what Frank did to Zoe?

And finally:

Whatever happened to Doug Stamper?

Season Three of House of Cards packs a chock-full: all 13 chapters fat with controversy, new relationships forged, old ones that persist, some fraught with betrayal, and of course, Underwoods. Put on your best suits and pay witness to the Couple of the Year every Wednesday at 9:55 PM at RTL-CBS Entertainment HD SKYCable Channels 53 (SD) and 196 (HD).


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