Hotel Modus Operandi: Guest Allegedly Claims Victim’s Room Was Theirs

People love to stay at hotels, primarily because of the following reasons: (1) you have the entire staff at your beck and call and (2) the environment is secured with 24-hour surveillance. Hence, you can relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Unfortunately, following the horrible robbery incident that happened recently, another hotel modus was experienced by Min- Lian Tan, Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Razer. And, this time, an alleged guest claimed she was the rightful occupant of the room.

Read his story below:

hotel modus operandi

Just had a fucking surreal moment. Was asleep in the hotel and was woken by knocking on the door. Woke up with a start and thought “holy shit – I overslept for my first meetings and they’re here to get me!”

Open the door and suddenly it’s forced open against me and I push back instinctively and I hear a really pissed off English lady outside screaming why I’m not letting her in. I tell her she’s got the wrong room but she continues banging on the door.

I realize it’s like 1 in the morning, call the hotel security, they come and open the room door (wtf? Really?) she barges in and looks at me tucked in bed and asks: “who are you and what are you doing in my bed?”

I felt a little like Golidlocks and tell the hotel security with her that it’s my room and basically we go back and forth (all the while I’m sitting in bed tucked in) insisting that we are the rightful occupants. She then lays claim to everything in the room asking why all her stuff are there and starts touching my stuff.

At this point, the hotel security realizes the guy who is in bed is probably the real occupant and the English girl is nuts and drags her out (all while she’s insisting she’s being wrongly manhandled/touched etc).

Now I know exactly how people in films who have been impersonated and need to convince their friend to shoot the other feels like.

Anyway, I’m gg back to sleep. If I’m murdered tonight in Berlin, tell the cops the crazy English girl probably did it.

Tldr: nut job tried to take my room and stuff while I was in it. Didn’t work. If she does, tell the cops.

I hope this will serve as a warning for everyone to be extra careful!

Since this kind of modus happened again, don’t you think the authorities should look into this?


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