Hop Inn Hotel Ermita: Perfect for Budget Travelers

Hotel staycations don’t always have to be expensive. If you’re looking for a budget hotel to stay in, Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila should be your top choice.   

When you’re already spending so much on food, transportation, and the like, you’ll definitely appreciate an affordable hotel to check into after a long and tiring adventure. That’s what Hop Inn Ermita Manila wants to give their customers: affordability. Don’t let the price deceive you, though, because it’s really a well-kept hotel. It stands at 9 storeys high and has 168 rooms in total. It also almost has full occupancy daily (especially during the peak season). 

What makes Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila special is their Sea View rooms. For a relatively low price, you can enjoy a peaceful stay with a serene view of Manila Bay, a beautiful sunset scene right in the heart of Manila. It is also near points of interest, like the airport, Intramuros, Manila Zoo, Bahay Nakpil, Manila Bay, etc., explaining why so many guests want to check in at this value-for-money hotel. 

(There’s actually a branch in Makati, too!)

Here’s what my experience was like when I stayed at Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila for a night: 


As mentioned, it’s really convenient that Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila is near a lot of tourist spots. You just need to take a walk or a Grab, and you can already enjoy different aspects of the city.

Reserving and checking-in/out is very easy, too. You can check their website for more details! 

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I love how minimalist the hotel is. Since there are only a few decorations, the whole place looks neat. I also heard that the management makes sure they maintain the place, which really shows because everything is literally spotless.  

The room and comfort room smell okay, too; that’s a big plus for me. 


Their bed is extremely comfortable. With the room being so cold, it felt incredibly nice curling up in their comforter. Aside from the softness of the bed, its size is commendable, too. You can have three people sleep next to each other, and it still won’t be cramped.

According to one source, Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila is also more spacious compared to other budget hotels. I’m not exactly sure how big the difference is, but I can vouch the hotel room of Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila. It is indeed quite big. It’s really helpful if you’re working, too, because they have a working table on the side. 


I also applaud their scrutiny for security. Each guest checking in the room is given two (2) keycards to give them access to their floor—and their floor alone. This is to ensure that everyone gets the privacy and safety that they deserve.

Inside the room, there is also a safe box where you can leave your belongings for added safety. While the room is always tightly locked, as well, it’s still better to prevent other things from happening, right? 

Apart from my hotel experience, I also loved how they have a tenant cafe just beside the lobby called the Blocleaf Cafe.  

Blocleaf Cafe is a small, quaint cafe with good lighting and delicious food – the perfect combination for those who want to give their IG Feed a VSCO-worthy look. Besides taking picture-perfect shots, working there is also suitable. When I visited the cafe, there were medical students with the place all to themselves. I could see why because they have Wi-Fi access and sockets everywhere.  

The cafe serves satisfying coffee (if you know Kalsada Coffee, they’re the supplier!). A cafe in Escolta called ‘The Den’ also uses their beans, too. 

Hop-Inn generally has a lot of plans in store for 2018, including constructing branches in Aseana, Alabang, and Tomas Morato. However, you can also expect a roof deck bar at Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila.

Now for a surprise: we’re giving away an overnight stay to two (2) lucky winners! 

 Raffle Mechanics:

Just fill out the form in this link and wait for an email from me! Watch out for it after a week!


Whether or not you’ll win the raffle prize, checking-in at Hop Inn Hotel Ermita Manila should be on top of your list when you’re looking for a budget hotel. It’s a great place to just unwind and get ready for another adventure. 

Hop Inn Hotel Ermita

1850 M. H. Del Pilar St, Malate

(02) 528 3988 


Website: https://www.hopinnhotel.com/hotel/manila-ermita

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hopinnhotelph

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