LOOK: The Timeless Beauty of Intramuros in Photos

With the centuries old of history that lies within its walls, there’s no doubt that the beauty of the Walled City of Intramuros is a timeless one. Even in the 21st century where most people love taking selfies and snaps of their kittens and caramel macchiatos, this good, old-fashioned historical destination will never disappoint regardless whether it’s seen through your naked eyes or your latest camera’s lens.

From its cobbled streets and stone fortress, you will never run out of sights to appreciate and photograph in Intramuros. Thanks to Adrien Atienza’s amazing photos, here’s a sneak peek of the place. His pictures will surely make you want to pave a visit to the 400-year-old beauty.

Intramuros 9

Intramuros 6

Intramuros 8

Don’t forget to visit the city’s historical sites too, such as Fort Santiago, Bahay Tsinoy, and Casa Manila to name a few.

Time to call your barkada and schedule a photo walk in Intramuros!

Have you been to Intramuros? Share your photos in the comments!


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