Honne and joan Wrapped Us in Electro-Pop Goodness

I fell in love with Honne and Joan a while back, and watching them perform on one stage in one night was like reliving the Wanderland Festival where they first introduced their music to us. It has been a month now, but I still can’t get over how I fell more in love with them as they expressed their inner selves through music. 

Named after a Japanese word thar means “true feelings”, Honne embraced us with their soulful tracks as they rekindled the emotions of the crowd during their whole performance. Listening to Honne is like getting connected to euphoric and melancholic memories in our lives. Their uplifting rhythm and relatable lyrics have been good company in expressing my true feelings. 

This was my second time watching Honne, but the excitement and happiness I felt was still the same. My heart burst into tears as the venue filled with screams upon hearing the familiar intro, “Okay, it’s 3:17 AM.” English electronic-duo surprised the crowd with Warm on a Cold Night!

They also performed previous hits Good Together, Someone That Loves You, Me & You, I Got You, and 306. While enjoying the moment, I also realized that Honne sparked real fast like a wildfire—from playing gigs to headlining multiple shows. I couldn’t be more proud of James and Andy knowing that their fanbase is growing bigger and people are becoming more familiar with their songs.

Other tracks Feels So Good and Crying Over You made the crowd sing their hearts out as Beka joined the duo. The highlight of the show was during the performance of Location Unknown. Different versions of the song were used for the visuals and Honne asked the crowd to sing it in acapella! This song is my most favorite. I couldn’t contain my emotions while singing as I watched everyone from the ground floor to the upper floors singing in unison. It literally gave me chills. The duo capped off the night with the crowd’s all-time favorite track, Day 1!

The best part of being a fan of Honne since Day 1 is witnessing how they make their music more intimate and special every time they come back here. There is always something new, relatable, and magical in every song they share with us.

Arkansas-based and eclectic indie duo joan once again shared their 80s-inspired synth-pop music as they performed alongside Honne. The heart-wrenching song I Loved You First caught my heart when I began listening to them. From the tune and rhythm to the lyrics—everything in that song sums up my feelings for them. That’s why their set became more intimate as they sang each line of it. 

They also played Drive All Night, Tokyo, Somebody Like You, and All The Way. Fresh tracks One More Touch and Ease Your Mind were also on the set list! joan concluded their set with Take Me On, which made the crowd dance—asking for more.  

Despite being relatively new to the music industry, Alan and Steven quickly spread their music around the world. Seeing the crowd sway to the beat will put you in a mood to jive even if it’s your first time listening to them. I can’t wait for what’s next for joan and I’m pretty sure they will headline shows in the future!

That was a quick but memorable back-to-back show from the rising duos. It really feels so good and I would love to experience it all over again. 

Special thanks to Karpos Multimedia for these awesome shows!

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