HOKA Now Open in the Philippines

A well-loved brand by Hollywood Celebrities like Bella Hadid,Ā Adam Sandler, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Reese Witherspoon is now in the Philippines.

HOKA’s first concept store opens on the 2nd floor of Ayala Malls Manila Bay. It is a one-stop shop for runners or those who have an active lifestyle.

Known to be highly cushioned, amazingly lightweight, and impressively breathable, HOKA hasĀ been making waves in the running community, both for professional and recreational runners forĀ their comfortable fit and support.

The fashion-forward designs of HOKA shoes make it a show stopper and fun to incorporate intoĀ the fast-paced lives you live today. It has become more than a sport, it has become a lifestyleĀ brand.

Moved by its line #flyhumanfly – the HOKA store offers a unique experience of thisĀ high-performing brand. Do better than your best. Choose from the wide array of shoe modelsĀ they offer; categorized into SKY, GLIDE, and FLY. Each with unique features and purposes toĀ fulfill.

You will be greeted by HOKA specialists, ready to answer your questions. They could also helpĀ you know more about your feet, their movement, and which HOKA model suits you best. Thereā€™sĀ an available feet scanner and gait analysis (treadmill) in the store so you get to try them beforeĀ purchase.

You can also complete your look with the equally stylish HOKA apparel and accessoriesĀ displayed in the store. Thereā€™s a wide range of products you can choose from to help complementĀ both your lifestyle and running experience.

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