Hit The Bull’s-eye: Archery Lessons at Gandiva Archery Range Pasig

For the longest time ever, I wanted to try Archery. I’ve always been curious about the sport. I wanted to know how it works, how the strings will feel after I pull them and how the arrow will fly once it leaves my control. It also got me thinking, this might be my calling. Harhar. No, but seriously.. I wanted to know if it really looks like in the movies. Will I be Katniss-ish, Merida-ish or Legolas-ish? You know, important questions like that.

And I ain’t gonna deny, I really wanted to know if I will look astig holding the bow and arrow in position (spoiler alert: NO). I guess one question at the back of my mind is “Will it hurt?” (a.k.a “Will there be bloodshed and tears?”). 


You’ve probably heard Gandiva Archery Range before in WhenInManila (Read: Gandiva Archery Range in Pasig City). Legendary tales have been told about this place and I’m lucky enough to be invited to experience it once and for all!

 Mastering the bows and arrows

If in the future, somebody tells me that firing and archery are same with just different weapons, I’ll argue. While these two sports have the same goal – to shoot the target – I think that archery is more for those who wants to relax and for those who have laid back personalities. In Gandiva, they have a sign that says “Shoot in silence” ’cause literally only the swoosh of arrows can be heard when people start to try to hit their targets.


Archery trains you to focus your mind, and in the process, I think, induces calmess.


The bows are surprisingly easy to carry around, that is, until you start shoot. It might wiggle wiggle wiggle a bit when you aim.

For pro’s, Gandiva also have compounds bows. From what I’ve seen, it looks like a modern bow, with cables and wheels to pull the string. I didn’t dare try them because I was told it was stiffer than the normal long bow and I don’t think I have the necessary upper body strength (and will) to aim.


Ken modelling the compound bow


I was scared that I’ll hurt myself but there are coaches there who taught me how to do it properly. Basically, what you need to do is keep your elbow straight, put the arrow in place, pull with your hand tucked just right under your chin. Aim then release. Easy peasy. Also, don’t forget to listen to your coaches!


See how easy it looks with Aiza?


I missed a lot of shots but got the apple too (not shown in the pictures, but please trust me)! 

No wonder Gandiva Archery made it into WheninManila’s 5 Things To Do In Manila With Your Barkada. I sure had fun with the barkada. Can’t wait to do this again!


 And hey..

Check out their cafe too…

By now, you’re hungry and looking for nomnom close to the archery range. Look no more ’cause Gandiva’s got a cafe!

Vegetarian Pizza, Crisps and Sisig!

A common misconception on vegetarian food is that it’s not appetizing. Better try Gandiva’s menu.

They make their own malunggay crust for their pizza. They’ve got unusual flavors too (tomato basil & cheeseburger)


They also got mushroom crispies! 


The big surprise is their sisig. YES SISIG. Vegetarian sisig FTW!


As for me, I loved their drinks. I recommend the lychee. Uber refreshing!


Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

7F One Corporate Center, Julia Vargas cor Meralco Avenue,

Ortigas Center, Pasig City 

Website: http://www.gandiva.com.ph/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gandiva.ph

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