HipPinoy: An outlet for Filipino creativity

We all know that Filipino’s have a knack for resourcefulness and creativity and would there be a better way to promote all these than through social entrepreneurship?

When In Manila, join the HipPinoy ART and Food Fair on October 27-28, 2012 at Katipunan Ave, Quezon City.




HipPinoy aims to bring together holistic, innovative, and passionate Filipinos to promote local ingenuity and creativity. HipPinoy is handpicking twenty crafters to be part of this two-day weekend fair in a backyard. They aim to provide a platform that will help bring to light Filipino talent and enthusiasm for constructive productivity.

When In Manila and looking for a way to express or even just try to explore your creative side, make sure to join HipPinoy’s first project. Looking forward to this charming weekend with all you art and food crafters!


Want to be a concessionare? They’re still accepting applicants until August 31, 2012!

Contact HipPinoy at 09179784002

You can also register here: HipPinoy Sign Up Form

Send them an email at hippinoyph@gmail.com

Like their Facebook Page: facebook.com/HipPinoy



HipPinoy: An outlet for Filipino creativity


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