Hey Sugar Waxing Salon: Beyond Spice and Everything Nice


At the basement of UP Town Center lies a sugary treat for eyebrows, armpits, legs, arms, and if you are brave enoughthe famous bikini line or the sides of your nether regions! Hey Sugar Waxing salon is pretty endearing with its pastel-dominated layout and pink-themed brand.

The male species need not be daunted; they also welcome guys who want to have these services done on them as well.

https://www.wheninmanila.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0007-UP-Town-Center.jpg Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0002-UP-Town-Center Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0001-UP-Town-Center

The well-maintained facilities ensure a very comfortable experience:

Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0016-UP-Town-Center Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0005-UP-Town-Center

My BFF Jill and I went here for a quick trip to check out the services.


She had her eyebrows done and they used organic sugar on her. It lasted for around 10 minutes and she said that it was “not as painful as expected.”

Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0010-UP-Town-Center Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0009-UP-Town-Center Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0015-UP-Town-Center

The results were fantastic on her. So I went in the hall for my turn. This time, I opted to go for the underarm waxing experience.


There are two types of waxing services offered at Hey Sugar: cold and hot. First-timers like me are encouraged to try the hot wax because it’s less painful and it involves the use of a strip. They tried both hot and cold on me.


Hot and cold and singsong as it may sound, the experience is not exactly prim and prismatic, but I was assuaged quickly by the expert service. It took less than an hour for them to do away with the bush in my pits and the tiniest ones that cannot be moved by shaving or plucking are threaded away by my expert handler.  I just remembered to “take deep breaths” before she pulled the strip out each time. Here’s what it looks like:


I did not get to sing any Katy Perry song (or any other song, for that matter), but I was really pleased with how I can raise my arms with complete abandon a few hours after. (An extra commuting boost of confidence: I did the arm-raising while riding the MRT the following day.)


Technically, I am not supposed to touch it too much yet. I can’t help but marvel at the silky smoothness, though.


In addition to the good service, they also have supplementary products on the tiny shelf:

Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0014-UP-Town-Center Hey-Sugar-Waxing-Salon-Beyond-Nice-Everything-Spice-Threading-Eyebrow-0013-UP-Town-Center

Hey Sugar is very accessible because it is just a stone’s throw away to two major universities. Ensconced within the confines of a cute mall filled with busy students and professionals who want a quick and convenient service, Hey Sugar salon’s branch at UP Town Center is a perfect fit. It’s a very versatile place for waxing that will cover all paths from the eyebrow even up to the Brazilian way.

We’re giving away packages of eyebrow threading, underarm waxing, and bikini waxing to 3 lucky winners! Join the rafflecopter below!

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Hey Sugar Waxing Salon

Basement UP Town Center near North Wing Parking Entrance
Facebook: heysugarwaxingph
Instagram: heysugarphils


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