Here’s Your New Go-To-Spot in Makati: Kite Kebab Bar


You can never go wrong with Kite’s roster of sides and skewers. Each stick is charcoal flame-grilled and adds a hint of smokiness. Spicy chicken (Php 120): A tender version of the chicken barbecue, LTO (Php 99): Literally “Liver (beef), Tomato and Onions”, and Wagyu Kebab (Php 149/ stick): Four pieces of sinfully succulent pieces of Wagyu beef grilled to perfection, tempting enough to convert any vegetarian (I tried one despite pesco-vegetarianism and wanted to cry).


LTO (Liver Tomato Onions)


The tempting Wagyu Kebab


Bitin? Add a Mediterranean BBQ (Php 75): a piquant and juicy morsel of chicken, or any of their Basmati rice variants, either steamed with butter (Php 50), or as a Biryani (Php 65). Eat as much as you can since Basmati has a lower glycemic index, which is good news for diabetics and those looking for a reason to spoil themselves with carbs minus the guilt. Be sure to ask for their homemade hot sauce Kian’s dubbed as “Arsons” if you want to bring your taste buds for a ride.


Squid skewer (Php 145): Stuffed with tomatoes and onions, and surprisingly tender, the grilled squid is charred in the right places without the dry, rubbery feel that comes with over-grilling.


Kite Kebab Bar specializes in Mediterranean comfort food, most of which is Halal. Of course, a night of indulgence is never complete without drinks. Cap off your meal with a yogurt shake, which is very good for the digestive system. Or start the night with their selection of beers, wines, whiskies, cocktails, and more – all reasonably priced to get you tipsy enough to forget your woes. (Tip: Ask for their off-menu item “Kite Beer”, a DIY cocktail with Kambucha, Red Horse, and Sprite)


You look around Kite and have an oddly familiar feeling of home. Just like the many residents and visitors of Poblacion, people come as they are–and Kian enjoys chatting up a customer, hearing their stories. Much like his travels, he learns much asking the right questions, more so than reading books.


While Persia Grill was a kick start to his entrepreneurship, Kite Kebab Bar had more leeway for his creativity, where he collaborated with a few good people to make his dream come to life. Simply put, his formula to life is elementary but effective: the people you meet multiplied by the things you can create together. Wise words from the same guy who serves as an inspirational speaker telling everyone that inspiration stems out of failure.


So why the name Kite? According to Kian, “kite” signifies the wanderlust within each one that is held by a string. A kite is an extension of oneself aiming and reaching higher ground. It is up to our own hands to turn whatever it is into a reality. And after listening to Kian’s philosophies, it’s easy to see why in just a month’s time, Kite has been successful in its endeavors. It’s a living testament to his beliefs.


Here’s a group shot with Kian. Check Kite Kebab Bar out!

Kite Kebab Bar
5772 Ebro Street, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
(02) 810.7388

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