Men, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Balding

Article by Therese Justine Bruel

We all love hair: it frames your face and makes you look good by giving you that little extra oomph. That isn’t to say we don’t find bald men attractive—because they sure are—but consider this: if you have had hair for the entirety of your life, and you wake up one day, suddenly losing it—I’m sure you would be terrified, too! After all, you have no idea how you’ll look like and really, that can just put a damper on your spirits.

And it doesn’t help that there are all these baldness myths flying around the place to fan the flames of your fear—so we compiled this list for you so that you might just see that balding isn’t in your near future!

Balding Myths That Are Just That—Myths!

Balding doesn’t come from your mom’s side of the family!

It’s said that you should look to your mom’s side of the family to see if you’ll end up going bald or not—but here’s a surprise: it actually doesn’t matter if your maternal grandpa exhibits hair loss. It’s still a factor but it isn’t entirely dependent on him. Baldness is a polygenetic trait, and that means more than one ancestor determines this gene. So if your maternal grandpa is bald, but the people on your dad’s side still have strong, long locks in their mid-sixties—try not to worry so much! Your hair might not be lost after all.

Speaking of stress…

While we have this belief that stress causes hair loss, thus leading to balding—studies show that this isn’t really accurate. Stress is a symptom of hair loss, not its cause. So don’t worry if you find yourself distressed over a lover, a problem, or a job interview because stress doesn’t have any direct correlation with balding.

Does wearing hats often make your hair fall?

It doesn’t! A lot of people believe that keeping constant pressure on your scalp will prevent hair from growing properly, and might even lead to hair loss—and what’s a hat but constant pressure, right? However, this is just pseudo-science at its best. You need proper blood flow to ensure hair growth, but when you start losing your hair, blood flow subsequently gets weaker. Just like stress, pressure on your scalp doesn’t have any direct correlation with balding—unless, of course, it’s on really tight!

But then, that won’t lead to balding, just some temporary hair fall known as traction alopecia—or hair fall from pulling your hair too tight.

Change is, of course, something we’re bound to fear—especially when it comes to something you’ve had for as long as you did, like your hair. So if these myths didn’t make you feel too good about the prospect of balding, and you’re not ready to embrace this sort of change—why not give Svenson: The Hair Loss Authority a shot?

Svenson has 35 years of experience in dealing with issues hair and hair loss. They have a dedicated team of medical professionals who are ready to work and care for you—anything to get you your hair, and the confidence you grew with it, back! They have hair prevention and hair restoration treatments beside their hair transplant.

So if Svenson looks like a worthy investment to you, you really should check them out!

Svenson: The Hair Loss Authority



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