Here’s Why People Are Talking About Wantusawa Online

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Wantusawa is well-loved for its fresh, baked, grilled, and fried oysters but recently, the restaurant became the talk of social media for a different reason.

This month, multiple customers have left reviews on the Facebook page about cases of food poisoning after dining there.

The complaints caused Wantusawa to release a statement on social media.

It began, “At WANTUSAWA, we take customer feedback and reviews very seriously. We always strive to provide freshly prepared meals while adhering to critical safety and health standards.”

The restaurant also shared that it conducted laboratory tests to confirm the cases of food poisoning. They said, “We have addressed each issue in a timely fashion requiring the necessary details in a fair and scientific manner. In fact, laboratory tests conducted on samples for those dates formally complained of have shown a negative result for bacteria and thus clearing the possibility of any food poisoning.”

It added, “Our dedication to customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. It is unfortunate that despite all our efforts, laboratory tests, and health clearances, social media bullying against us has continued. In our pursuit of truth and due process, we shall likewise review our options to take any legal action against these purveyors of bullying and untruth.”

The restaurant ended the statement with, “WANTUSAWA once again reiterates its commitment to delicious, safe, and healthy cuisine for all its patrons.”

It also responded to reviews with a customer feedback form.

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