Here’s Where You Can Watch Shakey’s Super League 2023 for Free!

Thanks to our increasingly digital-centric society, we are able to form more personal connections with our favorite celebrities, influencers, and athletes—and volleyball seems to be the buzzword, recently! So in creating a far more engaging experience for those following this sport and its players, live streaming giant Uplive by Asia Innovations Group Limited (ASIG) has partnered with Shakey’s Super League in a bid to make collegiate volleyball more inclusive and accessible to the masses. This partnership, a success this 2022, will be continued in 2023. 

On its sixth year in the Philippines, Uplive continued to create meaningful connections that fit Uplive’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goal of promoting belongingness, self-realization, and strong relationship-building. This collaboration with Shakey’s Super League digs deep into that purpose.

Data showed that thousands of Uplive users enjoyed watching the 2022 Shakey’s Super League,  a collegiate pre-season women’s volleyball tournament in the Philippines organized by Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. (SPAVI) and the Athletic Events and Sports Management Group Inc. (ACES) from the comfort of their home or anywhere they were. Access was free, thanks to the live-streaming app, making sports, especially a well-beloved one, more inclusive. 

Eight teams from the UAAP and 10 from the NCAA vied for the top spot with the National University Bulldogs reigning as 2022’s champion with a riveting and close win against De La Salle University’s Lady Spikers. Fans who were not able to purchase tickets were able to watch all the action live on Uplive and this coming 2023, Uplive hopes to provide accessibility again.

“We at ASIG want to use our app not just as a platform to show-off your talent to the world but to bring the world, in a sense, closer to you. We know access to some of the most exciting events can be a challenge, whether it’s economically or physically, and we hope to provide a bit more inclusivity through technology” states Andy Tan co-founder and CEO of Uplive.

“Everyone deserves a chance to these experiences and in the Philippines, sports is a wonderful field that brings people together and inspires athleticism, good sportsmanship, and discipline. We want to give our Filipino Uplive users access to that,” he continues. 

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