Eurielle: Your Source for Locally Make Bath Bombs

With a chaotic start of the year, we are all undoubtedly in need of a quick pause or at least a whole lot of good vibes added to our simple everyday lives. Most of us want a little bit more of tender loving care. One of the simplest ways to make the mundane a lot more extra? Bath bombs.

Bath bombs took the world by storm because of how therapeutic and visually appealing it looks once submerged in water—especially when it’s colorfully designed. But aside from the cute Instagram videos you get, it actually offers a lot of benefits for your whole well-being thanks to aromatherapy.

eurielle bath bombs 3

Fortunately for us, enjoying a bath with all of these benefits doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Eurielle offers locally-made bath bombs, making it super accessible for anyone.

“We create delicately handmade bath bombs to help you relax and unwind by setting moods and giving you the therapeutic and beneficial side of taking a bath. We believe that self-love and self-care comes hand in hand to add more focus and will power in our everyday life.”

Eurielle, aside from being 100% made by Filipinos, also uses organic ingredients for their products. Their bath bombs are surely chemical-free.

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The ingredients that they use have a number of benefits for the skin such as detoxifying, cleansing, balancing the skin’s pH level, and moisturizing, to name just a few. They also use essential oils for their relaxing scents.

Their brand name “Eurielle” comes from the name of Archangel Uriel, which means “God is my light”. Jumping off from this, they sought to release products that seemed ethereal and delicate.

Their Heaven and Earth bath bomb collection is exactly that!

eurielle bath bombs 1Eclipse

Each type of bath bomb has its own benefit according to the main ingredients used. For example, the Eclipse is made mostly of activated charcoal and is great for detox.

eurielle bath bombs 2Geode

The Geode, which takes inspiration from the amethyst crystal, has sea salt and is perfect for “people who wants to unveil their skin’s natural glow”.

eurielle bath bombs 7Pot of Gold

Their rainbow-inspired bath bomb, which is super photogenic, has grapeseed oil that’s used to improve skin’s elasticity.

That’s just naming a few of Eurielle’s bath bombs. Just this February, they also released a collection that’s just available for the whole month of February.

eurielle bath bombs 6Rosie and Candy Hearts

Forget about roses. Just give your S.O. a bouquet of Eurielle’s Rosie bath bombs.

Or if you’re feeling a little bit retro, their Candy Hearts could also be a perfect gift… for yourself! PS. You can also customize the color and print.

If you’re feeling a bit hesitant about these bath bombs (no matter how cute they are) because you don’t have a bath tub, there’s nothing to worry about. They’re also great to use as shower steamers.

eurielle bath bombs 8

According to Eurielle: “Just place it on the floor of your shower, and let the aroma surround you as you take a bath. It can be used as a foot/hand soak as well.” Beneficial and multi-purposeful.

You know you want to pamper yourself. Go on and get your hands on these cute bath bombs by Eurielle. You’re worth it.

available at Frankie and Friends (SM Aura, Taguig City)
available at Bride and Rose Wedding Boutique (IL Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Q.C.)