36 Locally-made Gifts to Give During the Holidays

Still thinking of what to give your friends, coworkers, and loved ones this holiday season? Consider going for local, homegrown products! Not only will you surprise your recipient with a gift that’s special and thoughtful, but you will also help support local artisans, creators, and crafters who have poured so much love into their work.

Here are just some ideas of what to give as recommended by our WIM Squad community!

36. Istorya Creations

36-Istorya Creations

Istorya Creations creates customized and personalized jewelry, accessories, and trinkets. You can request for them to engrave anyone’s name or even a short message of love on any product of your choosing, such as a keychain, a bracelet, or a baggage tag. You can even have your own handwritten or hand-drawn creations engraved! It’s perfect for when you want to add a personal touch to your holiday gifts. Find them here. 

35. Ba.O Artisan Candles

35-Bao Artisan Candles

Ba.O Artisan Candles are made with 100% locally sourced beeswax, essential, and fragrance oils. Each batch is hand-poured into upcycled, cement-lined coconut husks (or “baos”). They currently have three scents: “Yoga” (Bamboo, Peppermint, Green Tea) for clarity and peace of mind, “Focus” (Citrus Vanilla) to brighten the atmosphere, and “Rest Easy” (Lavander Vanilla) to ease anxiety and repel bad vibes. Find them here.

34. Saucha Soaps

34-Saucha Soaps

Saucha Soaps are all-natural soap bars infused with herbal and floral teas, allowing you to absorb its benefits topically. They’re designed to be therapeutic and are free of artificial fragrances, colorants, preservatives, parabens, and sulfates. They’re also made traditionally in small batches, ensuring quality and care from artisan soap makers. Find them here.

33. Cookie Dude PH

33-Cookie Dude PH

Photo taken by Buku Buku Kafe

In the mood for Christmasy desserts? Try these special holiday treats from Cookie Dude PH! The partnered with Buku Buku Kafe for their two limited-edition flavors: Gingerbread Rock, which is a dark chocolate cookie with gingerbread spice topped with sugar glaze, and Glen Cocoa, which is a dark chocolate cocoa cookie topped with marshmallows and candy canes. Find them here.

32. Wodd PH

32-Wodd PH

Wodd PH offers bamboo and wooden sunglasses that are all handcrafted and locally made. They even plant one replacement tree for every product sold! Find them here.

31. Kathang Iraya

31-Kathang Iraya

Kathang Iraya has a wide range of products weaved using nito vines. They are handcrafted by the Iraya Mangyan tribe in Mindoro and proceeds from sales will help uplift their economic status, promote their creative work, and give dignity to them as a tribe. Find them here.

30. Inday Dolls

30-Inday Dolls

Inday Dolls are handcrafted dolls by the Women Artists of Iloilo City District Jail – Female Dormitory in collaboration with the Fine Arts Major Organization. The creation of the Inday dolls and other handicrafts is described as “a restorative psycho-social exercise for the inmates, where they are able to share their stories as women and as mothers through art.” Income generated from sales will be used by the women to continue and support their families. Find them here.

29. Twin Box

29-Twin Box

When you don’t want the hassle of thinking of what to give and having to wrap it yourself, you can opt for the convenient service of purchasing lovely curated gift boxes like the ones by Twin Box. Items are already pre-selected but you can mix-and-match according to what you want to give your loved ones. Find them here.

28. Fete Box

26-Fete Box

Fete Box is another curated gift box service for the extra special people in your life. They’re perfect to help spruce up a loved one’s home especially with mindfully selected items such as candles, jewelry trays, face mists, wine, and more. Find them here.

27. Flat Foot Brewing Co

28-Flat Foot Brewing Co

Flat Foot Brewing Co. serves uniquely-flavored handcrafted brews. Currently, they have Stout and Pale Ale available for you to try, as well as a limited series of tea-flavored beers: Earl Grey Amber Ale, Citrus Gold Ale, and Chrysanthemum Cream Ale! Perfect gifts for your craft beer-loving friends and relatives. Find them here.

26. Plantable pencils

27-Plantable Pencils

Want to give more mindful gifts this Christmas? Opt for plantable pencils—wooden sticks that have gelatin capsules on one end with seeds instead of erasers. Eco Hub Cebu makes them locally and you can buy it from zero-waste store Agmu in Cebu for an affordable price. Find them here.

25. Hyacinth MNL

26-Hyacinth MNL

Here’s something for the titas and titas-at-heart! Hyacinth MNL’s bags are all carefully and lovingly weaved by stay-at-home moms in Laguna using dried water hyacinth. They have a variety of styles available for you to choose from, from crossbody bags to half-moon clutches to large top-handle bags. Find them here.

24. Olk Candle

24-Olk Candle

These scented soy candles by Olk Candle are so, so beautiful that you’ll almost want to stop yourself from lighting them up in fear of ruining its aesthetic. But when you do, the lovely scents—most of which you won’t find from any other brand—are so soothing to the senses. This is a perfect and thoughtful gift to give to artsy homebodies. Find them here.

23. Felicisimo

23-Felicisimo Gourmet

Felicisimo has a variety of gourmet spreads, including bagoong (shrimp paste), tinapa (smoked fish), guava rum jam, and herbed cheese. Give this to your foodie friends and relatives to add to their festive holiday feast! Find them here.

22. Stash MNL

22-Stash MNL

Stash MNL allows you to add a personal touch to your throw pillows with letter canvas cases. Give your loved ones this simple but thoughtful gift they can display on their couches and bedrooms! Find them here.

21. Bisq Ceramics

21-Bisq Ceramics

Ceramic dinnerware and decor are a great alternative to what you can find in any department store. Plus, these ones are locally made by artisans! They’re glazed too, meaning they’re safe to eat and drink from. Find them here.

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