Here’s where you can buy face masks and face shields online

According to reports, the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet ending anytime soon. Coronavirus is here to stay, so we should learn how to live with it. This means that staying at home as much as possible is still a must, as well as social distancing in public places and wearing proper personal protective equipment or PPE.

Face masks and shields are now a must when running errands, getting back to work, or starting/reopening your business. Whatever your purpose may be, here is a list of Instagram shops where you can buy PPE that are fit for your needs.

Opium (@opium_clothingline)

Opium Clothing Line Face Masks

Photo from Opium Clothing Line

If you’re looking for face masks that go with practically anything, check out Opium Clothing Line. With an international team of designers at the helm, they also offer comfortable materials, fair prices, and a streetwear style that you’re sure to love. Plus, a percentage of their sales going towards the COVID-19 Response Fund!


Masktermind (@masktermind2020)

Masktermind Face Shields

Photo from Masktermind

Masktermind aims to give access to high quality items to the masses by selling without MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Their products are trendy, washable, and proudly Filipino-made with items gotten directly from the manufacturer/supplier and tailors hired to sew their masks. Their face shields (seen above) are the real show-stoppers, though, and are named after everyone’s favorite DJs!

HSECavite (@healthandsafetyessentials)

To ensure proper sanitation before entering your homes, offices, and other establishments, you will need these essentials. HSE Cavite‘s ‘No Contact Disinfection Set’ comes with an alcohol dispenser stand, 1.1 L pump bottle of FDA-approved alcohol, a disinfecting mat, and 200g of chlorine granules.

Necessità (@necessitaph)

In line with their zero waste advocacy, Necessità sells reusable necessities such as these pastel face masks that would definitely go together with your OOTD. Not only do they come with pockets where you can insert filters, but it also has built-in face shields which make it easier to grab and go!


Tuer Belle Clothing (@tuerbelle_clothing)

If you are wondering where to buy those matchy-matchy turbans and masks, check out Tuer Belle Clothing. Their face masks are made of Neoprene, a synthetic rubber that is oil and water-resistant, and flexible over a wide temperature range. They are washable, reusable, and fashionable!


PPXclusive (@ppxclusive)

Besides retail, PPXclusive also caters to wholesale buyers. If you are looking for PPEs to open/reopen your business in accordance with the current community quarantine guidelines, this is the online shop for you. With the proper protective masks and face shields, you will soon be able to open your doors for customers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for chic eye shields for personal use, theirs comes with a free ear saver of your choice! Check out their Instagram (@ppxclusive) to see the available designs.

Viago (@shop.viago)

“Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others” is the safety protocol that flight attendants remind their passengers in case of in-flight emergencies. During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, FA and Viago owner Irah says, “I’ve put my mask on and am now able to help others stay safe through my business as we sell new normal essentials.”

face mask

Coming soon is their foldable mask which comes with a built-in pouch so you can roll and fold it inside out if you need to set it aside while keeping the inner part of your mask unexposed.

Lay Bare (@lay_bare)

face mask2

Did you know that you can add some face masks to your cart while shopping for your beauty needs? Aside from Lay Bare’s post-waxing care products, skincare essentials, feminine hygiene products, and other best-selling products, they also have a variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to cater to our needs during the pandemic.

(Lay Bare Now Sells Products Online (Including PPE) Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Covy No Swipy (@covynoswipy)

face shield

This photo was taken for product shoot only. Wearing face masks when leaving the house is a must.

Who said wearing PPE will ruin your outfit? Covy No Swipy’s visors are here to keep you safe and trendy! These face shields come in clear and tinted ones which means that they can also function as sunglasses.

They also have the multipurpose contactless key to help you push buttons, open doors, and bottles.


Helios (

Another Instagram shop that sells these sleek eye shields is Helios. They deliver on the same day if you are from Metro Manila. Otherwise, they ship nationwide every Saturday.

Remember: following the safety guidelines is not an option, it is a must. You are not just doing it for yourself. Practicing social distancing and wearing PPE is our social responsibility to our friends, family, neighbors, and fellow citizens. It is a small sacrifice to our daily lives but a huge help to the frontliners who are fighting to bring back a safe environment for everyone.

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