Here’s Where to Get Awesome Fish and Chips in Metro Manila

There’s nothing quite like foreign food made specifically for the Filipino palate. While CargoFish does nothing to compromise its authenticity—sourcing their vinegar and, heck, even their utensils from the UK—it undoubtedly is a food stall catered to the Filipino. While going over the menu with owners Matthew (Hornsby-Bates) and Matthew (Lim), the term “pika-pika” popped up fairly frequently, particularly when the subject of nachos was broached.

Matthew and Matthew

If you think that CargoFish serves nothing but…well…fish, then you couldn’t be more wrong. While that is the piece de resistance (obviously and eponymously), it would be unfair to discount the chicken, the nachos, and the cocktails sold by the liter—all of which are what make CargoFish attractive to the hip, young, happening crowd that frequent Uptown Mall.

Perfect to watch the game with.

Perhaps the best feature of CargoFish is the way you can customize it. With six kinds of seafood that range from your everyday dory to the very traditional cod and even to everyone’s favorite, scampi, CargoFish will surely fulfill your seafood cravings. And seriously, where else (other than right here) can you get beer-battered tilapia? They know just what to offer to tickle our very fickle Filipino palettes.

Fish and chip traditionally made with cod in the UK

Salmon because, who doesn’t love salmon??

The two free sides that come with every order are just the icing on the cake. Whether it be sweet potato chips, slaw, onion rings, proper chips (aka wedge-cut fries), or even rice (because we need our rice!), you know you can’t lose. The last step is choosing the sauce. There are seven sauces to choose from but our favorite is undoubtedly the “tartar” sauce. You can thank us later.

Here’s another thing you can thank us for: just an FYI, but CargoFish has a secret menu that they only advertise online. All the more reason to follow their social media, otherwise you’d miss the gem that is the Trashcan Chicken. And no, I’m not being sarcastic because this little nugget of beer-battered gold is all you need on a Friday night. Honey japaleno, roasted garlic or seafood barbeque…can you even choose?

Their off-the-menu item, Trashcan chicken

Pair anything off the menu with either of the six beers they serve, and you’ve got the perfect equation to Friday nights in BGC. Otherwise, perhaps order a cocktail. The Blueball sounds absolutely delicious with vodka, coconut rum, and pineapple—little hints of paradise that help make you forget you’re not beachside.

Located in the 4th floor of Uptown Mall, CargoFish is the latest in foreign food with a Filipino twist. While we’ll likely never give up our sisig with our beer (because seriously, who can ever give up what Anthony Bourdain claims will “win the hearts and minds of the world”), perhaps it’s about time we try some fish and chips to go with our lager. Either that or we all start watching more football.


Unit K4-1A, 4th Floor, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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