Here’s What the ‘Frozen 2’ End Credits Scene Means

If you haven’t watched Frozen 2 yet, you better stick around to see the end credits scene! And also, it’s best that you click away from this article because there are going to be major spoilers from the movie ahead.

But if you’ve already watched the film, keep scrolling!

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Frozen 2 was definitely a delight for kids and kids-at-heart for its beautiful songs, wonderful message, and hilarious jokes especially from everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf.

One scene in particular never failed to send the entire audience at the movie house laughing and it’s that part when Olaf recounts the plot of the first Frozen movie to the Arendelle soldiers and Northuldra Tribe who had been trapped in the Enchanted Forest for more than 34 years.

At the end credits scene, Olaf does this again but about the events that just transpired in the sequel. After telling his story, the camera cuts to Marshmallow, the snow monster created by Elsa in the first movie to guard her ice castle, and many tiny snow creatures rejoicing at the happy ending.

Now, most of you are probably wondering: who are those adorable tiny snow creatures and where did they come from?


The answer lies in the Frozen short film Frozen Fever released in 2015 in which Elsa attempts to plan the perfect birthday surprise for Anna to make up for all the birthday celebrations she has missed through the years she wouldn’t let Anna into her room. However, Elsa suffers a cold that day and, each time she sneezes, she creates these tiny snow creatures called snowgies which Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven eventually have to contain to prevent them from ruining the birthday surprise.

Chaos ensues amid a fun song number and ends with Anna, having enjoyed her surprise, attending to her sick sister in bed. (Oh, and the evil ex-boyfriend Hans getting what he rightfully deserves.)

And what happens to the snowgies? Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven bring all of them to Elsa’s abandoned ice castle in the North Mountain where Marshmallow still resides.

It’s nice to know that, through this Frozen 2 post-credits scene, Marshmallow and the snowgies are living happily together since then!

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Listen to the song “Perfect Day” from Frozen Fever below:

What did you think about the post-credits scene?

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