Here’s How You Can Improve Your Immunity in the New Normal

Dutch Mill Delight 1

Just because we’re in the new normal, doesn’t mean we can relax. The threat of COVID-19 is still there and we must still find ways to protect ourselves. Aside from only going out unless truly necessary (and practicing social distancing guidelines) and wearing a mask, we should also boost our immune system. Simply put, our immune system is what protects our body against infections.

We found a new and easy way to boost our immune system and it comes in the form of a delicious cultured milk drink. It’s Dutch Mill Delight, a 2nd gen Probiotic non-fat drink that’s designed to make your immunity stronger.

Dutch Mill Delight is known for being packed with Probiotics, or live good microorganisms that help balance out the bad stuff in your digestive tract. What makes this even better is that it’s a Duo Active combo that also has Prebiotic Fibers, a plant fiber that nourishes good live bacteria in your stomach. What Prebiotic Fibers do is serve as food for Probiotics, making them stronger and more effective. To date, Dutch Mill Delight is the first and only Probiotic drink in the Philippines with Prebiotic Fibers.

So how does the Duo Active combo of Probiotics + Prebiotic Fibers help your immunity? According to Harvard Health Publishing (yes, from that university’s medical school), Probiotics have “been shown to secrete protective substances, which may turn on the immune system and prevent pathogens from taking hold and creating major disease.” It adds that people who take Probiotics as a supplement have fewer colds in a year.

When paired with Prebiotic Fibers, Probiotics multiply, becoming stronger and more effective in boosting immunity. Probiotics + Prebiotic Fibers are better since Prebiotic Fibers help Probiotics survive and not die easily compared to when Probiotics are not supported by Prebiotic Fibers. According to a study by the Pharmaceutical Journal, Prebiotic Fibers “pass through the upper gastrointestinal tract to the colon, where they are selectively used as fuel by beneficial bacteria.”

Since Dutch Mill Delight is a Probiotic drink with Prebiotic Fibers, this combination also works better for your digestion and bowel movement. Not only can it boost your defenses, it’s also definitely going to help your fitness goals!

Dutch Mill Delight 2

Aside from being good for our immunity and tummy, Dutch Mill Delight is a great-tasting drink. It’s like drinking a tangier version of milk, with a creamy and full-bodied flavor. We enjoyed drinking this very cold and found it very refreshing, especially after a full meal!

Dutch Mill Delight comes in 100ml and 400ml bottles. In case you’re bitin with the smaller bottle, you can upgrade!

Dutch Mill Delight