Here’s how you can chat with Yani, the EndCov bot – UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team’s newest member

The newest member of the University of the Philippines (UP) COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team is a chatbot named Yani. According to their website, the name ‘Yani’ is short for ‘Bayanihan’ (patriotism) and was given to the chatbot “in honor of our heroes in the fight against COVID-19.”

Using AI, Yani is designed to provide you with the nearest hospitals, psychosocial support, or policy information.  All you have to do is go to Yani’s official Facebook Page or UP’s web portal and chat using Facebook Messenger in either English or Filipino.

UP’s Web Portal:

Yani’s Official Facebook Page:

UP’s web portal is dedicated to providing information regarding the COVID-19 situation in the Philippines. There, you can see an overview of the cases in the country and a list of hospitals (with its address and contact number). You may also check your symptoms online through ISKOnsult or take Psych surveys and Telepsychotherapies.

Information is provided as well for those who want to learn more about the government policies and advisories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for those who want to donate, you may also find the link for donations there.

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