Here’s how much you need to pay to buy this chunk of the moon

A rare piece of the moon is up for sale for over 2 million pounds (around ($2.49 million or P125.57 million). The NWA 12691, one of the largest known pieces of the moon, is now on sale at the London auction house, Christie’s. Weighing at around 13.5kg, this piece of the moon is said to be the fifth-largest lunar meteorite in existence.

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This piece of the moon was found in the Sahara desert two years ago. The piece was most likely blasted off from the surface of the moon by a collision with an asteroid or comet thousands of years ago.

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James Hyslop, Christie’s Head of Science & Natural History said, ‘It is so much larger than anything else that has ever been offered before. The experience of holding a piece of another world in your hands is something you never forget.”

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