Here’s A New UBE Trend You Should Get!

Move over Ube-Cheese Pandesal, a new ube pastry is in town!

If you love UBE as much as me, these treats from Sweetest Cinn is something you should try. Unlike typical Cinnamon Rolls out there, Sweetest Cinn created different flavors to make sure that their products stand-out.

Cinnamon 1

Fan favorites are their signature ube rolls and their apple pie cinnamon rolls.

Their cinnamon rolls are homemade fresh daily and using the best ingredients possible. Their ube rolls are made with halaya that they source from a local organic farm. From what I noticed from food businesses that offer anything with ube, many of them use ube extract and not halaya. The ube halaya that is used by Sweetest Cinn is  flavorful and adds texture to the pastry.

Cinnamon 3

Another ube product that they just launched is their ube macapuno rolls which are generously made with cream cheese, ube halaya and topped with delicious macapuno.

Aside from their ube flavors, Sweetest Cinn also has the Apple Pie Cinnamon rolls which are made of Granny Smith green apples. The choice of apples is perfect to make sure that there is a right balance of sweet and tart.

Cinnamon 2

Sweetest Cinn is owned by 25-year-old Inna Lao. She started the business in June when ECQ started. She shared that the time she got from the quarantine enabled her to experiment on different flavors and perfect the recipes.  She started selling the products to friends and family and eventually ventured into having a home bakeshop business.

The Sweetest Cinn