Here are Unique Egg Drop Sandwiches You Can Order Online

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If you’re a fan of K-dramas (especially Hospital Playlist), chances are, you’ve seen and wanted to try the egg drop sandwich. For those who haven’t gotten their hands on this trending dish, it’s a buttery sandwich generously filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon or ham, cheese, and white sauce. Others have added their own twist to it, such as different ingredients.

In case you want to try unique versions, here are some places where you can have the egg drop sandwich delivered:

Block 6 Cafe (based in Santa Rosa and Mandaluyong)

Block 6 Cafe prides itself for being the first to offer egg drop sandwiches in NCR+. They have your classic egg drop: fluffy scrambled egg, cheese, ham, herbs, and a special white sauce between a brioche loaf. Block 6 also offers variants, such as one with bacon, another with Spam, and a variant with chicken katsu, katsu sauce, and black sesame. Their latest is the Mi Goreng Egg Drop, available exclusively at their Santa Rosa branch. Pair your sandwich with their freshly brewed iced coffee.

Momo Korean Egg Drop (based in Quezon City)


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Momo uses free-range brown eggs to ensure that their sandwiches are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Try their classic Gwangju (premium bacon, corn, egg, Momo sauce, and cheese) or go for their unique flavors such as Busan (tuna, tomato, egg, Momo sauce, and cheese), Jeju (premium ham, avocado, egg, Momo sauce, and cheese), or Seoul (Spam, mango, nori, egg, Momo sauce, and cheese).

Sunnyside_Manila (based in New Manila)

Sunnyside_Manila prepares two kinds of egg drop sandwiches: classic and premium. The classic variants feature crowd favorites such as ham-egg and bacon-egg, but they also have unique ones like avocado, garlic bacon-egg, spam-egg, beef bulgogi, and egg salad-kani. Try their premium kinds: soft shell crab, truffle steak, and garlicky prawns.

Egg Drop Manila (Sampaloc, Manila)

The first Korean-inspired premium egg sandwich in Metro Manila has an extensive menu that looks super yummy. Their line of Egg-citing sandwiches includes your standard Garlic Bacon Cheese and Premium Ham Cheese. The Egg-streme looks super promising: there’s Beef Bulgogi, Beef Teriyaki, Crispy Fish Fillet, and Grilled Chicken Pesto. The Hungover Sandwich, also known as Harley Quinn’s Favorite, has gourmet ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, sunny side up eggs, and sriracha between premium brioche bread.

Smashbuns (based in Quezon City and Mercato Central in BGC)


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Smashbuns’ flavors look like smashing hits: try the Avocado Ham Cheese, Mr. Cheese Burger, and the Beef Bulgogi Sunny. They also have two new flavors: the Mrs. Tuna Pesto Cheese and the Yangneom Chicken. They’re originally based in Quezon City but they’re part of Mercato Central in BGC for a limited time, where you can also place orders online.

Nineteen Degrees (based in Eastwood)


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Nineteen Degrees has your usuals, such as Egg and Cheese, Ham and Corn, and Ham and Cheese. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Pork Floss and Egg or the Crunchy Chicken. Make sure to order from their extensive list of drinks: they have fresh tea, milk, milk tea, fruit tea, charcoal, and yogurt.

Egg & Go (based in Manila)


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Egg & Go’s menu is filled with unique takes on this Korean sandwich. There’s the Smoked Bacon, the Shrimp, and the Beef Teriyaki. Make sure to try the Yakisoba and the Kimchi (which has pork belly) for something truly different!

Tuk Tuk Egg


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Tuk Tuk Egg adds a Thai twist to this well-loved Korean sandwich. The Humpty Dumpty has a Tuk Tuk egg, their signature bacon jam, cheddar cheese, egg sauce, and Tuk Tuk Sauce in between texture-filled brioche bread. You can also try their variants featuring crisped bacon, forest ham, smoked salmon, Spam, or avocado slices. Perhaps their most decadent item is the Mafia Wagyu, which has the Tuk Tuk egg, Wagyu slices, caviar, mozzarella cheese, truffle sauce, and gold leaf. These are all sandwiched between black brioche bread.

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