Here Are The Films We Looked Up The Most in 2016

Superhero flicks, big horror flicks, and blockbuster tearjerkers —  these are the movies that we were most interested about this year.

Korean Zombie Thriller "Train to Busan" Looks Promising!

The most Googled movie? The Korean zombie thriller movie, “Train To Busan”, had most Pinoys clicking on the search engine. And it’s really not so surprising, considering the waves the film reached, that it’s even spawned several parodies, as well as Halloween costumes!

Here are the other movies we searched for the most:

10. Batman vs. Superman

9. The Flu

8. Beauty and the Bestie

7. The Corpse of Anna Fritz

6. Me Before You

5. Captain America: Civil War

4. Conjuring 2

3. Deadpool

2. Suicide Squad

Which movie here is your favorite? Let us know!


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