Herb&Blossoms: This Online Floral Shop Creates Arrangements for All Kinds of Love

Sometimes, what stands out about a brand is not just the quality, nor the products that they offer. Sometimes, it’s their advocacy and the things that they fight for. With the many flower shops that have popped up all around, Herb&Blossoms really stood out from the rest because of their current Valentine’s campaign: “ALL KINDS OF LOVE.”


Photo from Herb&Blossoms

Herb&Blossoms is an online floral shop started by a team of interior designers last 2016. They offer flower arrangements that are sophisticated, elegant, and high-quality, yet still affordable.

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, they decided with their campaign, “ALL KINDS OF LOVE,” to show that “love is not just about the heterosexual relationship but also can be same-sex, mother’s love or even self-love.”

So, they create the most beautiful boxed flower arrangements for whatever kind of love you might be celebrating this year.


Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Herb&Blossoms’ philosophy is “affordable luxury” and “understated elegance”. One look at any of their arrangements and you’ll instantly fall in love with the breathtaking flowers.

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“Our edge is the cohesiveness of our color scheme on every boxed flower arrangement,” shares Herb&Blossoms co-founder, Roy Javier.

“We use quality and imported flowers, making our arrangements stunning. We also have food partners to complement our products as we want our customers to have the total gift package—flowers plus food is equal to a perfect date night experience.”

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Photo from Herb&Blossoms

For Valentine’s Day, they also offer Blueberry Cheesecakes (courtesy of Tres Marias Dessert), Milk Tea (courtesy of Mee Maw Artisan Boba) and Premium Chunky Cookies (courtesy of Thank You Love You Sweets) along with their floral arrangements. Plus free delivery service!

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

They also offer event styling and preserved flower arrangements that last up to 7 years.

What I personally loved about Herb&Blossoms is how their passion really shows in each arrangement. We see it from the kind of flowers they pick, to the colors they choose, up to the actual styling of their arrangements. Everything is just beautiful.

With Herb&Blossoms, you and your loved ones will feel so valued and loved!


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