LOOK: This is What Henry Cavill Would Look Like as The Dark Knight’s Batman

We recently wrote an article on what Henry Cavill would look like in a New 52-Inspired Superman suit, and his fans loved it! Well, we’re back with yet another awesome bit of fan art.

Although Henry is known for the role of DC superhero’s Superman, that hasn’t stopped his fans from designing other finds of fan art involving him. One recent piece by houseofmat shows us what Henry would look like as ‘The Dark Knight’s Batman.:


Honestly, I think he suits the part. So far, there is no news of another Superman movie. However, there are some rumors that he might make cameo appearances in future DCEU movies. ‘Shazam 2’, maybe?

Either way, we can look forward to seeing him as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which will be showing on HBO Max next year. (Here are the many reasons why we are excited for that.)

Which geeky movie are you excited to see?

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