Help Save this Dad from Depression by reuniting him with his Dog

“Lord take away my money and skills and talents just bring me Leather back.”

This is now Joco Comendador’s prayer. His one-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Leather went missing in Marikina last August 23 when one of his workers carelessly left a door open, allowing the curious puppy to get out of the house. According to CCTV footages and eyewitness accounts, Leather was last seen at a restaurant near J.P. Rizal St. being picked up by a woman in her 50s.

Jojo is now begging the public for information about his puppy. He is hoping the woman who found Leather will read this post and get in touch with him (via Facebook or CP# 0995 723 8197). A designer by profession, he is now fighting off depression even as he has to prepare for a fashion show in Kuala Lumpur.

Jojo is offering a cash reward for anyone who can help.

Read his post below.

 Read the full text below.

Hello I am Joco and yesterday (August 23, 2018) around 4:51 pm (based on the cctv around my area) around 550 JP Rizal street sto. Niño, Marikina. I lost my 1 year old dog and his name is Leather.

I left my workshop to buy materials and unfortunately my employee carelessly opened the back door and Leather got out. He was last seen at a nearby restaurant picked by a woman around age 50+ in a blue shirt carrying an eco bag. I am calling out everyone especially in Marikina area to share these recent photos of my dog. He is not just a dog for me but my last string of happiness, the only one that reminds me everyday that no matter how fucked up life is, it is still beautiful. Pleading maybe you could share these photos and nagbabakasakale na may maka recognize sa kanya and return him to me. I have never been this devastated in my entire life. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Made this post public so it can be shared.

Update: The woman in blue was accompanied by a guy in white old guy na gym buff holding a rotweiller and a small dog bith in leash. He is together with the woman who picked Leather up

Update 2 (As of 4:36 pm): Found the guy na with the two dogs pero hindi pala sya magkasama nung woman in blue. Still no lead on who the woman is. She was wearing a blue duster with an eco bag. She was last seen along St. Victoria Hospital

Update 3 (August 25, 2:00 PM): Giving out cash reward to anyone who can find Leather

Here are Leather’s photos.

MISSING Yorkshire Terrier DOG MARIKINA Leather MISSING Yorkshire Terrier DOG MARIKINA Leather with Cat Sibling MISSING Yorkshire Terrier DOG MARIKINA Leather in a tricycle

An increasing amount of research has shown that pets help us emotionally and mentally. Findings show that having a pet offers people a deeper sense of security, helping stave off anxiety and depression.

For so many people, including for Joco, pets are family. In his heart and soul, Joco considers Leather his kid.

This deep love between a human and an animal is why the loss of a pet can be devastating.

Let’s pray that Leather is safe and will be reunited with his dad soon. Let us please make this happen by sharing this post and immediately getting in touch with Joco if you have any leads.

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