Help Enrico Urbano Fight His Brave Battle: Join this Special Screening of “The Jungle Book” at Glorietta 4



Enrico Urbano, or fondly called “E” was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer, having 6 malignant tumors. On March 5, the doctors removed 3 out of the 6 tumors. His battle has just begun and the Lord remains to be faithful. To date, the hospital bill has amounted to more than a million pesos and it’s still compounding due to the ongoing treatment and impending surgery.

 Help Enrico Urbano Fight His Happy Battle: Join this Special Screening of "The Jungle Book" at Glorietta 4

In line with this, there is an ongoing fund raising campaign through the movie “The Jungle Book”. Screenings will be on April 10Sunday, at Glorietta 4 Cinema 3 (5 PM) and Cinema 4 (5:30 PM) at 500 pesos per ticket. This movie is about courage, which reflects Enrico’s ongoing journey. All proceeds will be go directly to his parents to help with E’s treatments.

For more details about this event, please call Marje Balbuena at +63 928 504 0222.


To learn more about his journey and find ways to extend assistance to his family, please visit: