Hedkandi is my Ear Candy: Awesome, Affordable Headphones When In Manila

When In Manila, you need a good pair of headphones that’ll help you drift away into your world of music and sounds. One that’ll drown out all the noise, pounding away at you when all you need to do is listen to sweet sounds. Thankfully, I’ve found the ear candy that sounds just as good!



HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (27)



I honestly wasn’t expecting to be impressed when I got this very affordable pair of Hedkandi headphones at the Digital Walker store in Eastwood. But when I put on these Hedkandi’s, it sure was sweet!


HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (7) HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (9)



I had to initiate my new Hedkandi earphones with one of my favorite songs, “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People, Live at Lalapalooza.





Since my Hedkandi headset got me all in music mode, I thought I’d try it out with some heavier bass and beats with Lil Wayne’s “Hot Revolver”





I have to say, I was not disappointed!


Try it out yourself, you’ll hear the clear distinction and awesomeness of the sound quality.



HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (22) HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (23)



Put on your dancing shoes with these high-fashion, super lightweight headphones. These headphones have one of the thinnest, most-stylish, hair-friendly headbands around with ultra-comfortable, soft-touch rubber earcups for optimum listening pleasure. 


ANyway, they were pretty god that I recommended them to my friend Hannah of FlairCandy.com and she really likes her pair too. Check out the slick colors that she got –


HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (14) HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (19)

HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (20)



Oh and did I mention the superior cushioning that makes these headphones feel great when you have them on too?


HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (15)

HedKandi-Head-Hed-Candy-Candi-Candy-Earphones-Ear-Phones-Headphones-phones-audio-stereo-WhenInManila-Review (26)



When In Manila and looking for some smooth looking gear that sounds good and feels great, then head over to Digital Walker and grab yourself some stylish HedKandi headsets!



Hedkandi headphones are available at the following stores:


1. Power Mac

2. Power Hub

3. iStudio

4. Astrovision

5. Technoholics

6. Bratpack

7. Mobile 1

8. Xsite

9. 8 Telecom

10. Abenson

11. Electroworld

12. Digital Hub

13. Digital Walker

14. Beyond The Box





Hedkandi is my Ear Candy: Awesome, Affordable Headphones When In Manila


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