HEARTBREAKING: World’s Saddest Polar Bear Suffers for Selfies

Listen, guys. Animals belong in the wild. As much as possible, creatures should be left in their natural home – not in zoos, not in aquariums, and definitely not inside a mall for the amusement of shoppers.

Dubbed as the world’s saddest polar bear, this poor majestic creature is stuck in a venue that’s far from its natural habitat. Incidentally, this particular bear is the “new” saddest polar bear – the former, named Arturo, had died just recently after being confined in an Argentinian zoo for 22 years.

Polar bears are made for snow and icy terrain and conditions. Removing them from their home would only bring them harm. Help save this creature from neglect and unkind conditions by signing this petition.

What do you think can we do to better protect our wildlife?