(HEART)BREAKING News On Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour In Manila

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of Pinoy Swifties’ wildest dreams being crushed.

Sad news indeed for Pinoy Swifties, as according to the official Taylor Swift Philippines Facebook page, managed by the official Philippine street team for Taylor, it is UNLIKELY that Taylor will be stopping by Swift-crazed Manila for 1989, as she has done for her previous tours.

Taylor Swift manila

Unfortunately, this is about as official as it gets so far.

Word has it, according to Taylor Swift Philippines, that a Pinoy Swiftie was lucky enough to be part of Loft ’89 during the Singapore stop, the backstage party for the 1989 tour. Meaning, this Swiftie was able to interact with some staff, Mama Swift, and Tay-Tay in the flesh! Apparently, while talking to Taylor’s team, the Pinoy backstager learned that the 1989 tour WILL be ending at Melbourne, Australia on December 12, 2015 as planned, and Taylor will be taking a break afterwards.

They also added that there is no other reason to believe that the tour will not be proceeding as scheduled, meaning as far as they’re concerned, there will be NO additional dates or cities apart from the original lineup.

You can read the entire statement on their page in full below:

Taylor Swift 1989 Manila tour not happening Taylor Swift Manila tour not happening

‪#‎1989TourManila‬ IMPORTANT UPDATE:

At last night’s Singapore show of the 1989 World Tour, a lucky Filipino Swiftie was able to get into Loft ’89, and as she promised, she got to talk to some staff, Mama Swift and Taylor herself about Manila being a possible tour stop. We asked her about the experience, and based on the replies of the people she talked to, there’s no reason to believe that the tour would not be proceeding as scheduled—that is, it will still end on December 12, 2015 at Melbourne, Australia, and Taylor will be taking a break afterwards.

Meaning: Taylor Swift‘s The 1989 World Tour will really end WITHOUT stopping by the Philippines. ????

That said, Taylor’s team expressed their thanks for all our support. They know about us. They know how large our fanbase here is. They love the Manila crowd. There might have been negotiations for a show here that didn’t push through—but perhaps we will see Taylor again in her next tour.

We thank you so much for your enthusiasm on pushing for the show; if it were only up to the desire of the Filipino Swifties, then 1989 Tour Manila would have already been a reality. Unfortunately, many other factors come into play, and this particular concert must now remain in our wildest dreams. (Unless some huge plot twist happens. But none of Taylor’s crew said anything for us to think that it can still happen.)

If you encounter any “information” that states otherwise, please treat them as simply rumors. All legit tour information can be viewed athttps://taylorswift.com/events. If it’s not there, it’s not true. We would appreciate your help in preventing the spread of false information regarding this matter.

On a lighter note, we know you’ll have a lot of feelings about this, so today we’d like to invite you to join us in tweeting your thoughts with the hashtag‪#‎HugotFilipinoSwifties‬ (credit to @swiftscafe13 for the idea) and tag us @tswiftph! Let’s see if we can make it trend! But please keep all your tweets respectful.

And…just because she isn’t coming here doesn’t mean we can’t party the 1989 Tour way, right? Stay tuned ????

Huge thanks to Yel Malveda for all her help! The entire fandom appreciates it 


Now excuse us while we run to the nearest bathroom and cry out our feelings– it’ll be a while before we can Shake It Off. But no Bad Blood, TSwift. We’ll still love you in Style.

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