Heart Evangelista to have another collab with Dalagang Pilipina star Mimiyuuuh

To all the Dalagang Pilipinas out there, Heart Evangelista posted a photo with trending online star @mimiyuuuh on her Instagram stating another collab with the trending online star.

On August 9, Mimi posted their collab on her YouTube channel where Twitter netizens even cut a scene at 00:59 when the star was talking about how to know how expensive a vase is based on the sound it creates.

Watch their collab video below:

On September 4, Heart posted on her Instagram that she plans on doing another collab video with Mimi. She wrote: “Loved our first collab so much, I just had to have this superstar back! ⭐ Something fun coming up again with @mimiyuuuh. ❤ Stay tuned! ?”

Mimi commented on Heart’s post with: “SABOTAHE NAMAN TONG SI MS: HEART MAY MAS MAGANDA AKONG KUHA DITO!!!! ☹️ XHNZ!!!”

It’s actually fun seeing these two together on screen and we’re hoping for more to come.

Are you excited to watch their upcoming collab? Share your thoughts below!


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