Heart Evangelista Now Has an Apartment in Paris and Is Staying There Indefinitely

It’s confirmed, Heart Evangelista now has an apartment in Paris!

In a recent IG live, the fashion influencer was asked about her recent purchase. That was when she revealed her new apartment in Paris! “Okay, I just got myself an apartment. So I do not really plan to buy anything else because I have, like, all my nice furniture. I really want it to be very, very nice,” Heart said.

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Photos: Heart Evangelista on Instagram

She went on to explain how she didn’t have any time to shop due to her hectic schedule. “So, I am saving up for that but I’ve also been so busy to [be doing] anything, [specifically] to shop. The only time I have to spare is to be on my bed and rest,” she concluded her statement.

We recall that she had previously expressed her desire to get a place there for work. Finally, she now has a permanent place to stay when in Paris.

Meanwhile, another follower asked how long she intends to stay there. To which she responded in a very Anna Scott-like way, “Indefinitely,” before saying “charot!” This is despite not being home for a long time. “I’m in Paris and I haven’t been home in such a long time but I don’t mind. Everybody’s got to work,” the Kapuso actress explained.

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