Healthy Nutrition is the Key to Fitness

People don’t always give their nutrition importance, they fail to realize the impact of nutrition on our daily lifestyle. If you have the question why is healthy nutrition important? Or how does healthy nutrition benefit us? Don’t worry you came to the right place and in this blog, I will try to answer every question people have regarding nutrition and how it relates to our fitness.

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As I grew older I noticed how I wasn’t physically fit and it hence also affected my productivity and efficiency throughout the day. I randomly came upon a muscle foods ad on Google that mentioned a Musclefood discount code. By visiting their website I got the idea of what actually eating healthy means and what a healthy diet should incorporate. For a long time, I also used to neglect my nutrition as I used to find it highly annoying to keep a check on what I am eating and how much I was eating, it always seemed like an unnecessary burden on my mind. It’s important to remember that you won’t see immediate effects of your diet on you as it is a process so must not hurry and take it easy. Soon you’ll notice results yourself both physically and mentally.

People have a lot of questions when it comes to fitness and nutrition, don’t worry no matter how stupid your question may sound do ask them because then only you will have the clarity of how you should bring a change and what things are necessary for a healthy diet. Below I have answered the most asked questions regarding fitness and nutrition.

How much should you eat in a day?

It’s important to know that it’s not about how much you eat but what you eat and the proportions of meals you should have. If you want to see results on your fitness much more quickly it’s important to remember that rather than having 3 to 4 bulky meals you should have around 6 to 7 small meals consisting of a healthy diet. The reason behind this is that you need to give your body a proper gap before having another meal because if you didn’t know your body normally takes about a day to properly digest the food so you should keep in mind that you should not fill your tummy up.

Should one eat before a morning workout or not?

People think that you should not eat before a morning exercise for many funny reasons that are just myths, for example, someone told me that if you eat before morning exercise you tend to vomit afterward. Well to clear out any misunderstandings I will quickly just proceed to the answer to this question, remember this if you are planning to go all out on your morning training session then it’s important that you have a proper meal before you go out and you can just have your normal breakfast after the workout.

Having a meal before is important because it provides you extra fuel to that extra mile you are aiming to go in your training session, this way you won’t feel any sort of discomfort or not even be dizzy or out of energy to go any further. You can search for the best breakfasts to eat before an early workout so that you can get an idea of what you will like to have before your early morning workout.

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Is chicken healthy nutrition or not?

People don’t think chicken is healthy nutrition because they think they are injected with harmful chemicals and whatnot. If you try looking up chicken as healthy nutrition you will see so many search results that will talk about how chicken is a very healthy nutritious diet. Chicken is considered as a healthy substitute for red meat, it is rich in protein and has many important vitamins such as iron, copper, B12, and B6. The fact is you never know if the chicken you are eating is injected with chemicals or not thus this debate has a neutral perspective.

If you are a vegetarian and want to know healthy green substitutes to chicken you can have potatoes, nuts, beans, tofu, and Jack fruit. They will have a nutritious impact on your fitness as chicken and they are also a much healthier option to have in your daily diet.

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Are Supplements more effective than a healthy diet?

Your journey to being fit defiantly should start from keeping a healthy diet rather than immediately having supplements or pills because nothing in this world can replace a healthy diet. They contain all the necessary nutrients a person needs to function on 100% and not only this healthy diet enables you in being more productive and efficient in a way that you won’t even be able to notice the change unless you think about how you were in the past and how active you are now. Food vs. supplements is always a going debate which in my opinion can never have a verdict.

Taking supplements as an add-on to your normal diet is very beneficial, if you take your healthy diet and supplements together then it’s perfect. Supplements do provide you with a bulk of nutrients and vitamins that only help to enhance your daily performance. There are different types of supplements you can take such as creatine, mass gainers, beta-Alanine, HMB, amino acids, etc. Please remember before taking any supplements you should always refer to a proper dietitian so that you know everything about taking supplements.

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What is the best diet to follow?

There is no specific answer to this question, every person will have a different answer but the point they will be conveyed will be the same most of the time. The human body can adjust to different diets so even if you plan to change your diet don’t worry that much because it won’t make much of a difference but the main thing is you should keep a healthy diet. You can always have things you like to eat for example a person can have a meat-based diet and still get the results he or she wants, the same is the case with an all green diet.

You just need to find out what do you like and what helps you to bring your fitness to the other level. Recognize the best diet that checks all the points on your checklist and just follow that. If you are confused you can always visit a dietitian so that you can sort your queries easily.